Thank Me


I heard the Lord say “thank Me” as soon as I woke up. So I said “Thank You… Is this for something specific Lord?” and He said “you have no idea what I am about to bless you with.” I definitely sensed it was said in an expectant parent “I know something you don’t know” kind of way.

Get excited even when you see no reason to be! Even when your heart is breaking! Even in the midst of the “why’s?” of this life. He is still Lord, He is still the Victor on the throne, and He is still working ALL things together for our good!

 He is actively putting things in place in order to bless all His kids. It’s what He does! Even when we can’t see what He’s doing. Thank Him today for who He is and for what you can’t see!

Trust Him, thank Him, and praise Him in the in-between moments. He is great and worthy to be praised! There is so much more is going on than we can imagine!


Like a Rushing Mighty Wind You Shall Dance


 “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven , as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting…” Acts 2:2

This is what I heard in my spirit when I saw what my husband had given me for Christmas. It was a purple WIND DANCER! For those of you who don’t know what these are, they are like wind socks, with a face and arms,  that are usually placed in front of stores or car dealerships to draw attention to the business. My husband knows that no matter what kind of mood I’m in I will always giggle at the sight of these WIND DANCERS and their wild and crazy dancing. I knew as soon as I opened it that there was also a prophetic word that the Lord wanted me to unpack for 2018.

The most monumental things about the way WIND DANCER’S function is that they are compelled and propelled by the mighty rushing wind blowing through them. This is NOT a gentle breeze blowing through them but a force strong enough to make them able to stand and dance in even the coldest and darkest conditions. They are not effected by the external environment one bit. The winds can blow all around them and they will still dance! When pressure comes against them in any form, they bounce back to a standing position! This is the same for us! We need to be so full of the Holy Spirit that we are not effected by the environment around us. When the winds of opposition come we will dance because the force of the wind within us is greater than the wind that is coming against us. You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. – 1 John 4:4

There is coming a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit that will be like nothing before. The force of this wind will be powerful, vibrant, and able to push us past things that have hindered us in the past. The things we have battled in the past will be blown away by His glory! Insecurity and the fear of man cannot last in this glory!!!

It is vital in 2018 that we stay plugged into His heart. If we are not plugged in, we are nothing more than a pile of fabric on the floor. Resist the urge to puff yourself up in these unplugged moments with hot air (you will exhaust yourself) and get yourself plugged back into your Power source!

It is so easy in times of trouble to shut down and refuse to move in order to protect yourself. This is not a year to react in this manner. We cannot dance if we refuse to be moved. We cannot dance if we aren’t pliable in His hands. 2018 is a year to think, feel and function differently. He is filling you with a wind that you have never felt before!

I heard three words….

* Engage- this is NOT a year of passivity or apathy. This is a year of ALL IN! He is calling you off the benches and back in the game. He is calling your name!!! Plug back in to His heart and be FILLED with what will MOVE you into all the things He has for you in 2018!

* Expand- You will definitely be stretched as He expands His spirit within you. It was no coincidence that my wind dancer is purple. Purple is the color of royalty. This is a year to get full revelation on your identity as a son or daughter and learn to walk in it. Stay flexible in His hands so you can stretch! You will not be able to stay in your comfort zone as you begin to feel afresh what He is putting within you. There will be new ideas and new vision birthed by His heart! You will not have to strive in man made effort because the force of the wind will compel you to CREATE! The places you were fearful to go in the past, you will go boldly into fueled by His spirit!

* Express- The whole point of being filled with this mighty wind is to release it into the world. There will be people who wonder how you can be dancing through the storms of life and you will tell them. There are people who need Who you carry! They need Jesus! You carry His glory carrying wind with you wherever you go! There are people waiting to be healed, delivered, encouraged, blessed, loved, by the Holy God living in and through you!  For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring. Acts 17:28


One thing about doors. We have heard much about them in the last year. What I sense the Lord showing me is that many people have feared the very doors He is bringing into their lives to bless them, but they are suspicious about them. He showed me that the door is never the problem, in many cases it’s a swinging door and its the force that opens the door that is the issue. An example is the door of BELIEF. It will either be opened by the force of FAITH within you pushing against it or by the spirit of fear pushing you backward. I see many WIND DANCERS dancing through doors empowered by His glory wind this year! Those areas that intimidated you in the past will not exist in 2018 as you yield to the fresh filling of His WIND!!

As you dance walls will come down, healing will happen, deliverance will happen, peace will be ushered in, etc. He is making you a Holy Spirit force to be reckoned with! Make sure He gets ALL the glory!! Remember Engage, Expand, Express!

Auditioning for an Audience of One


I can still remember the feeling of being fifteen years old, with seven years of professional ballet training under my belt, and standing before two women who had my future in their hands at the School of American Ballet in NYC. I had been taken on with full scholarships for their summer program for the prior two years and I knew I had only improved my technique since the last year. I stood there as they whispered to each other and wrote on their clipboards with me doing nothing more then standing before them. They were assessing me based on what I looked like…I hadn’t even danced yet.

A few weeks later I received a letter from them stating that I was welcome to come, but not on scholarship due to my thick thighs and stocky hips. I weighed 115 lbs at the time standing at 5″4. Now I don’t know why at fifteen I bulked at this but I’m glad I did. I knew from somewhere deep inside that I was 100% acceptable just the way I was. I spent that summer going to a smaller studio where I took classes with some of the greatest stars of ballet at the time. It was quite a treat when Baryshnikov, himself, watched my class and told my mother that I had “beautifully fluid arms.” She will never forget that moment.

When I went home to my local ballet school it was also suggested by my teacher that I lose five pounds. OK, at this point, I was screaming inside and I said ENOUGH!!!!!! I promptly quit ballet.

Three things I learned at this point was….First, it reinforced the fact that I’m fine just the way I am and that my opinion about myself was healthier than others my age. Second, I decided to not put myself into situations for man to judge me as many times they look at externals (life is NOT meant to be a beauty pageant and we should NEVER be either accepted or rejected based on how we look). Thirdly, that AMAZING things can happen when a door you’ve been hoping for slams shut in your face. Beautiful moments and blessings can be found right smack in the middle of those situations that you’ve cried the most tears.

I didn’t dance again until making Jesus Lord of my life at age twenty and the pastor’s wife of where I was attending church told me about worship dance. The thought that I could use a skill I already had to glorify God was intriguing to me. It did, however, take some time for me to be willing to dance again. I had to work through fear of both failure and of success. I came to the conclusion that if my life was not my own anymore and God wanted me to dance….I WOULD dance!

My point in all this was to say that my biggest growth period in my life came a couple of years ago when my son left for marine boot camp.  I felt utterly emotionally abandoned by everyone in my life. I had been surrounded by people all my life but this season, they scattered in all directions.  Mark was going through it too so he couldn’t really help me. I felt like I had nobody to turn to and I spent many days pouring my tears out before the Lord. He made it clear to me that He loved me, He accepted me, and He would never leave me. He gently started healing the lingering wounds of abandonment and rejection with His love. I started painting and writing poetry as a way of releasing the emotions that were inside me. It was then that the Lord started whispering His heart to me and I started writing. I had things happen last year that I had only dreamed of happening. Doors that I couldn’t have opened on my own, suddenly were standing wide open in front of me.

I also realized that the most uncomfortable moments in my life are still in those moments where I feel like I have willingly put myself before man to be judged in some way. I know what you’re thinking….Lori, you do know that you do that by throwing yourself out here in social media through your writing and videos, right?

The answer is yes, I do know that and I’ve had to work through knowing not everyone is going to cheer me on and in fact, some will downright dislike me for Who I stand for or for what I have to say. I have come to the conclusion…and yes, I need reminded sometimes, that I do what I do for an audience of One! I will not let man’s opinion of me define me or shake me. Only God can do that. Do I have people who love me in my life who will tell me if I step over the line in any direction? I sure do, but I know they love me and only want God’s best for me and they know that they have full permission into my life to do so.  In order to grow, do we need to sometimes put ourselves under the scrutiny of strangers when applying for situations? Absolutely, but here’s the thing….since God has already shown me that He promotes me when it is just me and Him walking through life in intimacy, my emotional state is not contingent on the acceptance of man. It’s quite freeing actually.

As you are navigating through this world please keep your eyes on the only eyes who truly matter and remember that you are enough…just as you are….enough to be deeply loved and never alone, enough to be fully accepted, enough to be abundantly blessed. Don’t ever let man’s opinion of you make you doubt what God has said about you.



If God is FOR us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? (Psalm 118:6)

Truly He is my rock and my salvation, He is my fortress I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62:6)

Be Moved To Become A Movement


I have talked with many people who feel hindered right now, almost as if there is walls on every side of them. I have felt this way too for the last two weeks and it was almost unbearable. Even though I knew it was an enemy attack against moving forward, none of my usual counter measures were working. I was reading the Word, declaring the Word, praying in the Spirit, worshiping, and while I would feel better it did not remove the sense of something standing in front of me blocking any attempt to side step or go around this restriction.

This is when the Lord showed me something powerful and I believe it is tactical for the season we are now in and in order to move into 2018.

I was listening to worship music but it was instrumental, which I prefer sometimes because there are no words to define what aspect of God we should be praising.  As I was listening I felt something well up inside me that literally moved me. As dancer, dancing is much more than just a way to worship, it is my love language to Him. I felt myself moving in prophetic movements and before I knew it, the hindrance was removed from around me! I was remembering my identity in Him through prophetic dance! This is powerful people!

After I stopped dancing I felt the insight that He wanted me to receive flood my spirit. It is ALL about identity and who we are IN HIM!

“In Him we live, and move, and have our being” – Acts 17:28

Revelation starting coming to me on how to move forward and what this season is about for many. It’s about worshiping with who we are in Him and not merely by what we do. He’s bringing life back into who we were created to be from the beginning!

This last part of 2017 He is shaking anything we put our identity in that is outside of Him. It does not matter what role you are in, it does not define you. He defines us as His children! Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, CEO, in the military, mother, father, apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist, etc. That may be what you do, but it’s not who you are. Sometimes we can get distracted by roles and titles (even Godly ones), but who you are in found in Him first and foremost and in being wholeheartedly in love with Him. What we do must flow out of who we are or else we will get it backwards and think it’s what we do that gives us value and worth. We do not get our worth from our educational level or from the letters that precede or proceed after our names.

In this season the movers/dancers/artists need to move, paint, and create.. It is so much more than moving your body, it is like you become a prophetic prayer, a prophetic act playing out the heart of God for all to see. It is so much more than paint on a canvas artists! You are painting the spiritual landscape in which we live in all it’s vibrancy! He is  Whatever creative gifts you’ve been given, now its the time to create from His heart! Writers will bring understanding to people about the kingdom and take them on wild and wonderful adventures leading straight to the love of the Father!


Those of you who feel stuck….MOVE!!!! CREATE!!! Move in whatever expression of worship He has put into your spiritual DNA. That is key to removing the heaviness and hindrances you feel all around you. As you move in Him, you will remember who you are in Him! You will remember your first LOVE and you will DANCE with Him and CREATE with Him! Walls are going to crumble when you dare to allow that heart cry deep inside to flow out in passionate worship of our King!

2018 will not be a year of passivity and apathy! It will be a year of MOVEMENT! Allow Him to remove all false titles and identities that the world has placed on you so that you will become part of the movement He is building on the earth! He is creating the biggest FLASH MOB we have ever seen! It will encompass the earth! Allow your heart to be synced up with the rhythm of His heart!

It will be a MOVEMENT that shifts atmospheres in 2018. In some situations you just need to literally MOVE, in Him, in order to bring the freedom you know is on God’s heart!

Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the LORD with ALL his might,- 2 Samuel 6:14

 and later in verse 21 and 22 when asked why he was dancing like he was.

 David said to Michal, “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me rulerover the Lord’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. 

Check out this site for the many definitions of MOVE which I sense ALL apply in this case

and the definition for MOVEMENT


The Rain Comes After You

Sometimes THE RAIN COMES AFTER YOU….I pondered these words I heard in my spirit one morning.

As we forge ahead taking and breaking new ground we can grow quite weary. Sometimes we will get glimpses of inspiration from what we see ahead, but sometimes it’s just desert and tumbleweeds we see before us, and it’s what we leave in our wake that rallies us onward. Just because we don’t see it happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

One day, a couple years ago, I had prayed for a server at a local restaurant because he was having back pain. I left there not knowing if there was any improvement in his back. It wasn’t until a week later I found out his back pain had disappeared five minutes AFTER I had left that day.

 We don’t always see our impact in this world much like George Bailey in “Its a Wonderful life.” I pray God gives you a glimpse of the beauty that is in your wake as you pass through this world everyday. We are sowing and building for more than just the present, we are building a legacy.

I had a dream months ago about walking in a dry desert area with no growth because of no rain. The storms were raging and the ground was cracking beneath my feet and i heard the Lord say. .. scatter your seed. So I did even though out seemed pointless.

I had been walking in my dream for miles when I heard the voice again saying to turn around. When I turned around I saw miles of beautiful flowers behind me. The rain had come after me to water the seeds I had sown and it brought forth a beautiful field of flowers.

Be encouraged! Keep sowing! Keep loving! You’re building a legacy. Sometimes you will see the rain fall on what you do right away, but sometimes… many times, THE RAIN COMES AFTER YOU.

The Great and Mighty Things


When you respond whole heartedly to SURRENDER IT ALL to God, it is much like you are laying yourself upon the altar as a sacrifice. It is a true decision to die to self and to be resurrected in Him. Very similar to the story of Elijah, the power of God comes down and ignites, engulfs, and saturates you in His presence and power, setting you ablaze as a testimony for the world to see.

We are not spectators in the land where He is taking us. It’s all about becoming. We become who we are created to be in the secret place.

He refines and purifies us…
He brings revelation, wisdom, and rest…
He recharges and renews vision…
He makes us vessels of honor
… in the secret place.

You are destined to not only see but to become carriers of the word, to become carriers of the wind, to become carriers of the fire, to carry and become part of the answer to your own prayers. Once you experience it, you become part of it. You carry it within you, meant to be released to others.

Immerse yourself in Him and be filled with His spirit, to carry the wind that removes debris, to carry the fire that sets hearts ablaze, to literally become glory carriers!! You will begin to experience the kind of glory that can heal people by you merely walking into the room!

FEAR NOT!!!! Immerse yourself in the water and breathe deeply for when you do you will live and not drown in this river of Life!!!! Walk boldly into the fire for you will not burn! Where He is taking you is deep into His heart where the treasure is kept. When you dare to enter in, you will be surprised to find yourself moving in ways you never could before! You will defy the laws of physics! You will see marvelous spectacles and hear secrets of His heart that have remained hidden for such a time as this.

It is a Jeremiah 33:3 moment. …Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you GREAT and MIGHTY things, which you do not know.

It’s ALL About Him



As I watched my father age, I wanted be around him as much as I could before wasn’t here anymore. I loved him for who he was and not for what he could do for me because at that point thats the only thing he could offer me was himself. I loved every single second with him.

I’m concerned by what I see happening in our world and church. Relationships being formed out of selfish ambition and “what’s in it for me?”, instead of true selfless love for each other.

It is so easy to be so busy we fall into routine of the day to day and with what needs to be done that we don’t even notice that we are not engaging our hearts anymore. We forget how to feel.

Any muscle will atrophy without being used. We forget about what empathy and true sacrificial love looked like. It’s easy to step into doing what you need to do to get your needs met without taking others into consideration.

I believe a huge enemy tactic right now is Christian narcissism (love of self). We serve to make us look and feel good, we connect and network with the right people in order to get ahead and we certainly don’t like to be challenged while doing it.

We’ve taken a toxin of this world and injected it straight into the vein of the church. It was/is never supposed to be about us! We as Christians are supposed to be dead to self and alive in Christ. Somehow we still have it backwards.

It seems we have lost His heart while “doing life.” Pretty soon family becomes estranged, spouses are distant and friends you thought would be there for life have gone AWOL. What is happening here??!!?? It’s like I’m seeing the walking spiritual dead.
They are lacking the love that is willing to be inconvenienced and interrupted. A love that takes them out of their comfort zones and into the heart. The God kinda love.
When we see the people in our lives in a utilitarian way we step out of our heart and into our heads. The relationship becomes about how you benefit each other instead of interacting heart to heart.

I cried out to God when I felt His heart anguish about what is happening. I felt Him saying that He has an answer. He is decreeing CLEAR over your life! Enemy’s hands off! Anything that is hindering LOVE must go! He is coming with a defibrillator to shock people’s hearts into beating again.

There are many right now who are dealing with horrific situations in their families, territories, churches, and other spheres of influence. Many have felt dead inside.
In the midst of great heartache He is causing a holy shock to course through your hearts to make you remember it is LOVE that’s truly important and with that revelation it starts to beat again!!!

We need to love the people in our lives… Deeply love them. Allow the shock in life to awaken you to the true state of things, good or bad. Allow it to clear your spiritual arteries so the Blood can pump in, out, and through the Body like it is intended to do.
As we arise to care again with His love we will feel the love come back into relationships that have been neglected. You will see them start to thrive again!!!

Let us not lose touch with His heart again and with the hearts of those we love. Let us desire to be in His presence and to long to be around others in our lives simply because we love who they are and love being in their presence and not for what they can do for us.

Remember….It’s not about us and ALL about HIM!!!



Galatians 2:20- I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.


Ezek 36:26- I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.