Holy Imagination!


 I have been seeking the Lord as to why it is so hard to believe for miracles in the midst of the storms of life. I felt His answer was quite interesting He said “It lies in your imagination.” What did I just write? Lies….in our imagination. The enemy has infiltrated what was once holy ground so full of hopes and dreams with LIES!!!

 When we are children our imaginations are so full of heaven and it’s possibilities. We dream about being princesses or presidents and the future is FULL of endless possibilities and adventure. As we age our experiences and what we are exposed to through tv, movies and stories have an effect on our imaginations and will either nurture them in creating the impossible or in making us fearful and bringing paralysis. Through discouraging situations happening that we feel powerless over, hope deferred, skepticism, and cynicism get littered over that which was once holy. Slowly our experiences and knowledge push out the hopes and dreams to make way for logic and reasoning until we dream no more. In the enemy’s hands our imagination is now used to create worst case scenarios based on our painful experiences instead of co creating with God to bring heaven on earth. We exchange imagining the impossible for only what we have known and experienced. We can only picture and create those things we have experienced. These are the LIES!

 I believe God is determined to regain and restore the ground of your imagination. It was always meant to be a place of dreaming His dreams for our lives. He wants that ground back. I believe He is desiring to return you to a childlike wonder, faith, and trust so you can create with Him. It starts with asking Him to breath on your imagination and to remove any debris that is not of Him. Ask Him to remove all hope deferred, worry, horror, fear, discouragement and disappointment from that creative space. Ask Him to alert you when you are putting things in your imagination that are not true, lovely, pure, full of love, full of hope, and full of Him. Ask Him to restore the dreams He has for you, your family, your workplace, your church, your region, etc. Imagine it differently!

 A redeemed imagination…what does it look like? The truth is that we are royal sons and daughters and we are mean to rule and reign so our childlike idea of who we were was in some ways more accurate than how we see ourselves as adults. We believe we can do anything when we are little and we are told I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME (Phil 4:13). We believed anything was possible when we were kids and we are told WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (Matt 19:26).

 Imagine your family full of love and laughter, your friends and family in love with Jesus, your workplace being a place of joy! What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it sound like? Imagine it! Imagine that desolate area of your life full of life and love!!! He is removing the limits life has put on you.

 I’m reminded of the blind man name Bartimaeus in the bible who pursued Jesus to get healed in Mark 10: 49-52

 And Jesus stopped and said, “Call him here.So they called the blind man, saying to him, “Take courage, stand up! He is calling for you.”THROWING ASIDE HIS CLOAK, he jumped up and came to Jesus. And answering him, Jesus said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” And the blind man said to Him, “Rabboni, I want to regain my sight!” And Jesus said to him, “Go; your faith has made you well.” Immediately he regained his sight and began following Him on the road.

 The key thing I see here is that HE THREW ASIDE HIS CLOAK. This was NOT just a coat. This was something issued by the government that gave him the right to collect alms from people. It designated him as handicapped. This act of throwing aside his cloak was him imagining a different future. One in which he could SEE! One in which he was NOT handicapped! It was an act of faith!

 God is calling for you today! He wants to heal your blind imagination! Drop the cloak that designates you as imagination handicapped and let Him give you your sight back, your dreams back, your life back!


You Are a Catalyst!



This is a word the Lord gave me during a soaking time back in July. I’ve been letting it marinate. I want to share what I felt Him saying to me during this encounter and I think it will encourage many….

You have been in boot camp. There have been many times in the past when things got intense that your reaction was to RUN. There was part of you that knew this was an unhealthy reaction to resistance. The Holy Spirit has been teaching you to STAND in the face of opposition, in the face of rejection, in the face of your enemies, and CHOOSE TO LOVE THEM instead of running away.

I see Him taking this to new levels as you start to understand your mission is not only to STAND but to ADVANCE!

You have not realized yet that you have been commissioned to partner with Him to be a change agent, a CATALYST, within your family, your region, and the church!


 Dictionary.com definition of catalyst


*Chemistry. a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.
*something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.
*a person or thing that precipitates an event or change

You have been waiting for a person to validate you but I have already validated you says the Lord. I have built within you a supernatural spiritual reaction that I want to initiate through you! I want to use YOU to change the spiritual atmosphere all around you….to disrupt culture…to shine in the darkness! The reason you have not seen the changes you are desiring is because you are waiting for someone to ride in and save the day. I have news for you….THAT SOMEONE IS YOU!

Men who hold earthly authority is NOT more authority than SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY given by God. He promotes and He upgrades. There has been a cloud over the earthly authority that keeps them from “seeing” and “hearing” you in the spirit. You have felt overlooked and you have been because you have been clouded. I decree to you today that the air is CLEARING and this will be a season of “appearance” people will think you came out of nowhere but you know that you have been in deep training for years.

This is a time to no longer focus on the storms in your life or the weapons being formed against you! (yes, they may form but they WILL NOT PROSPER) This is a time to LOCK YOUR EYES ON JESUS and not look down at the waves.

I hear the Lord saying that those weapons are being formed right in front of you to intimidate you and keep you from moving forward. I hear Him say STEP AROUND THEM! The enemy is a master of illusion and wants you to believe something horrible is true when it’s not. There is NOTHING keeping you stuck in that place but fear….merely WALK AROUND IT and INTO YOUR PROMISED LAND!

Rejection will be like a distant memory for you, for this is a season of acceptance. People will begin to see the gold in you and will be drawn to you. They will sense the wisdom you have acquired in your years of training. The funny thing is you won’t really care anymore because you know I have accepted you and that’s all that really matters. You will share that gold and say TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD! There will be a holy cross pollination happen as the Lord creates more catalysts through your life by sowing into people. You will be casting seeds of gold everywhere you go!

Abide in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart! This is truly the key to it all. Abide in Him because everything else flows from that place of intimacy!

A Holy Battleplan For Your Words


I started to get stressed last night over a sad situation. A dear friend challenged me to change my decree from words of fear and frustration to words of life. A conviction set in and the Holy Spirit started to speak to me.…

 This is a HOLY BATTLE PLAN that I am revealing to you today! Do not underestimate your power to change reality with your words! You can create LIFE with your words! The enemy knows this that’s why he loves gossip and complaining for it creates more of the same kind of death and destruction! Take your mouth out of the enemy’s arsenal by REFUSING to speak words of frustration, even if it’s only occasionally. You need to understand that you are painting the landscape of your world with your words! The most frustrating situations and fiercest battles are waiting upon your decree of LIFE and LOVE in order to change. It will feel unnatural at first to speak the opposite of what you see with your eyes (remember the word to move differently in this season) but IT WILL CHANGE! You will see flowers bloom in the places you decreed as barren in the past! Use the creativity I’ve given you to CREATE beauty in the most unlikely places! You’ve been waiting on Me to do it FOR you, but I want to change your world WITH you! Understand the authority I’ve given you! Speak LIFE! Speak PEACE! Speak LOVE! Speak the SOLUTION and not the problem! Speak the STRENGTH and not the weakness! Speak the WHOLENESS and not the disease!


 Your world is waiting to change upon your decree!!!! What areas have brought so many tears you have called it hopeless? What areas have caused so much heartache that you feel your heart can’t take one more discouragement or it will break into a million pieces? What beauty do you want to see planted in that very spot?? SPEAK peace into regions! SPEAK love into families! SPEAK IT into existence! NO MATTER WHAT IT FEELS LIKE speak God’s LIFE into the person, place, or situation!!! Watch it all start to TURNAROUND!!!

No Longer the Fall Guy


This morning as I was working through the possibility of yet another round of lies being spoken about me, I let out a deep sigh.  I leaned into God in prayer and I heard Him say “YOU ARE NO LONGER THE FALL GUY!”  I quickly looked up the definition of “fall guy” and this is what the Macmillan dictionary online says:

Fall guy – someone who is blamed or punished for something bad that someone else has done

Now this describes me perfectly in some of the situations I find myself in. I know in one situation where someone quite close to me has consistently told lies about me for the past fifteen years. I’m not talking about telling the truth about situations but I’m talking about either only telling my reaction in the story (conveniently eliminating their originating action) or creating blatant lies for absolutely no reason at all.  In other situations I have been slandered because people didn’t have all the facts regarding a certain situation and by supplying the facts I would have betrayed someone’s confidence so I chose not to.  I have been seen as the bad guy when I wasn’t and also forced to watch others with questionable character behind the scenes be applauded by man.

I have consistently felt God challenging me with the belief that it’s truly having pure hands and a clean heart that’s important to Him, not what people think. I have chosen to allow Him to be my vindicator. I have chosen to stay quiet out of love and forgiving the people involved. I will tell you it has been a long hard road to walk. I know I am not the only one this happens to so let this be great encouragement to you! This is what He said to me in my quiet time:

You have taken the blame for much in your life that was not yours to take. I have seen how you kept your hands clean through it all. You chose to love Me while getting hit over and over again by “friendly fire” from people who should have been protecting you. I saw how you never stopped worshiping Me even while walking through not understanding My ways. I see how heavy your heart it from carrying the truth of the situations around. I am exchanging that truth for My Truth today and that is light. No longer will you be the “fall guy” for the enemy. The enemy has used this tactic to spread gossip and lies and I’m saying NO MORE! There have been moments when you feel like you are up in a plane and enjoying the view only to be shoved out the door by someone and not you are free falling out of control. I’m doing a divine reversal today. I am using all of it for My good and causing you to “fall into your Call!” You are “falling into your calling.” I’m blowing the enemy’s cover! I am lifting the veil of deception off of people regarding you today. They had been seeing you through a tainted lens. I am setting off a truth bomb right in the middle of your enemies. They will be able to see you clearly and they will know the truth and it will set their perspectives along with your reputation FREE!!! There will be a new found respect from people for the road you have traveled and for the character that’s been developed along the way. No longer will you fear the fall but you will rise and hear the call!!!

Friends With Benefits



Why have we become a society that is so suspicious of any kind of love unless it is romantic or familial? God values friendship. He says NO GREATER LOVE HAS NO ONE. How are we to have the kind of love for our friends that would lay down our life for them when we as a church tend to pollute it when we see it? How did we get to the point where we value romantic love over friendship love?

  John 15:13- Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Why is it that two friends going to dinner is either seen as either romantic or inappropriate if it’s a man and a woman? Or possibly assumed to be a gay couple if it’s two people of the same sex? I see it happen when adults want to invest in a younger person too with cynical questions of intent. Like it is absolutely unheard of for two people to have a brotherly, sisterly, motherly, daughterly connection in all innocence that is for mutual growth and nothing more.

Instead of the world’s version of “
friends with benefits“, He desires to create divine friendships with Holy benefits. Pure benefits. Glory benefits. It will be what He designed friendship to be from the start. It will be (divine)Friends with (kingdom)Benefits.

When we are little we are encouraged to be friends with everyone in class. We are encouraged to get valentines for everyone in class. At some point it all changes. Then it becomes you only spend time with friends until you find your romantic partner. If you spend time one on one time with someone it’s with the intent of romance. It all comes back around in retirement homes again and we once again value friendship. Why does it change? Should it change? I think we were doing it right in kindergarten. Everyone in your world matters. Everyone has value. Everyone deserves love.

Can we imagine a world/church where a remnant is not driven, pulled, or reigned by sex? What if a holy selfless love is what the driving force is in these individuals? Can we make room for that in our imaginations? I refuse to believe that man is an animal incapable of controlling his impulses. We have a holy God who is all powerful living in us. We were made in His image. Shouldn’t that raise the standard of our behavior? Maybe if we dared to start seeing that man/woman as a brother/sister it would all change.

I have seen it anywhere a deeply loyal, willing to take a bullet for you kinda love is found. Suspicion. Gossip. The sense that something improper must be happening. Its downright evil. I understand evil happens, but should we go looking for it where it may not exist?  I’m not suggesting we should ignore red flags, lets just not manufacture them ourselves out of the fabric of suspicion. It is very easy when you harbor a wound from the past to see everyone as a threat somehow. Not everyone is out to steal your husband or wife, molest your child, and every older man/woman who says something nice to you is hitting on you. We need healing so we can grow together.

I believe God is returning innocence to His church. We must return to believing that in an impure world there can be purity. We must be willing to explore other relationships besides romantic and just within the family. I’m tired of running into people who feel unloved because they aren’t in a romantic relationship. They need friends. I’m tired of little girls thinking their major goal of life is to get married and have children. Our goal should be to show love to everyone we meet, to truly share our hearts and our lives with them. How can we learn to truly love our neighbor when we can’t do it without someone questioning our intent?

Titus 1:15- To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

If we become more well rounded in friendship it will end up making us more well rounded in all our other relationships. There is gold to be found in friendship in this season. There will be a rise of 
divine friendships that are strategically put together by God for His glory. They will be known by their PURITY and POWER.

GLORY will rest on them when two or more come together like elements coming together. They will create a holy spiritual reaction in the atmosphere much like a chemical reaction does in the physical realm.
There will be teams brought together that include all ages and both genders and they will work together joining their gifts together. They will be like a motley team of super heroes
 changing spiritual atmospheres and bringing the fire of God wherever they go together.

If we are a people filled with the Holy Spirit then we better be able to
 see the holy through His eyes of innocence when it comes. If we see through the eyes of this world we will miss it or mislabel it as suspicious or inappropriate when it’s actually His answer to the many prayers for restoration and liberation!! See through the eyes of innocence and purity to be able to see His glory come!
We’ve had enough of bringing sexy back. He is bringing innocence back. He’s bringing purity back. 
He’s bringing friendship back!

(I titled this what I did because it drove home the point that it’s not what you think)



He’s Looking For Your Yes

There are some of you who are to be generals leading this next move of God but have been deeply wounded by situations in the past. You feel stuck. God is NOT going to wave a magic wand to re engage your heart with His.  The disengagement wasn’t on His end, but yours. He is looking for your YES to Him again. Through your YES He will begin to wash away all the remaining pain and distance of the last season.

It all starts in the secret place, just you and Him. Do you remember what that felt like? He wants you to return to that place of fully being known at your core and loved abundantly simply for being you. He has no other agenda. He’s not mad at you or disappointed. He gets it. He understands the “why” behind the “what” you have done.

 He wants to hold you as you flood His throne with your tears from what you have walked through in this past season.

You have blamed Him for things that He had nothing to do with and yet He was faithfully with you the whole time….every second of every day. He wants all of that mistrust and misunderstanding so He can give you His truth in exchange.

It was never a performance based relationship of “you scratch my back and I scratch yours.” You feel that you did your part in the past and He didn’t do His. You feel like you paid for a service and never received it. You feel He abandoned you when you needed Him most and it is simply not true.

This relationship is one of “you give me your heart and I give you Mine.” It’s a heart exchange and not a business contract.

Find His heart again and you will remember it and you will remember the flutter in your heart that happens when there is divine connecting happening.

He needs you to change your perspective on some things and it will bring you the life, peace, and freedom you’ve been seeking.

The place where you press into His heart and share secrets is calling to you. He is waiting and He can be trusted. He will gently resuscitate you and through you choosing to delight yourself in Him again, He will give you the desires of your heart.

Don’t get that part confused… the seeking, abiding and delighting ALWAYS comes first. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. That’s all He wants. Make time for Him and seek Him. He is waiting.