The Release of the Golden Compasses

In the midst of what is bad it’s easier to see what is good. In this season where we are forced to be home, hearts are being drawn toward each other and toward God with a new perspective based on truth, love, and not harsh judgment.

He is removing tainted lenses of our eyes so we can see clearly. Relationships are being repaired across the board in families and in the church. Many who have been hurt by the church will realize that it wasn’t God who hurt them. Many will see those who hurt them in the past with eyes of compassion instead of bitterness.

Families are being healed in the midst of this storm. There is a Holy shift happening to set you onto the divine path He has for you. This may effect your career path, where you live, how you spend your free time, etc.

I saw in prayer that He is handing out golden compasses that will align you with His heart, but He’s asking you to trade in the one you’ve been using for the directional leading of your life( your hopes, dreams, ambitions). This is a course correction but DO NOT FEAR!

Don’t be afraid to step out into the new even though it seems against all logic. You are stepping out of will power and into “He will” power. What has failed in the past by your own strength, He will achieve for you in His strength. I’m not saying you won’t have to work for it, but you will be following His lead and will be much easier. He will heal the past, open doors and make a connection with who will be “your people”.

We can’t run back to the familiar out of fear of the unknown. We can’t return to who we were and how we lived before this season. There is a purpose for the temporary pain of restriction we are walking through right now. It’s meant to birth the new in your life. Don’t waste it.

It’s time to live and love the way He created us to from the beginning with the priorities of Heaven. He is the hope the world needs right now.

Things I’m sensing in prayer:

*You are in the womb of your destiny

*Push through fear and into peace

*Don’t go back to what you know and the familiar…. He has something better for you… jump into the new. New habits. New thoughts. New dreams. New people. New adventures.

*Allow the course correction

*God is good

*He can be trusted

*He works ALL things together for good.

Tell all anxiety, depression, and fear to take a back seat and trust the One who loves you more than you can imagine. He is the only One who can bring true peace and joy. Trust Him with your life, with your family and friend’s lives, with your finances, and future. He won’t let you down.

He makes a way where there seems to be no way!

What is impossible for man is possible for God!

I’m excited even though when you look at the world there is no reason to be. I’m looking higher into the eyes of the One who holds the world in place. There will be a great many testimonies of His love and faithfulness coming out of this trying season!

Genesis 50:20- You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. NIV

The Righteous Wheel Gets the Oil


We have all heard the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”, but I believe we have become a culture of squeaky wheels. I sensed this morning in prayer that this is on the Lord’s heart and He is fiercely intent on flipping the tables to change the script from rewarding the loudly critical and deceptive into rewarding the quietly faithful, thankful, and righteous. What I heard in my spirit was “The righteous wheels will get the Oil” flowing straight from the throne room of Heaven.

It is undeniable when you look around this world that the loudest voices seem to get the most attention.  It seems some people believe that if you say something enough times or loud enough it will somehow make what they are saying true. Truth will always rise eventually.

In the business world fears negative reviews for their product, school, or business so if they see or hear a complaint, they tend to bend over backwards to make the complainer happy due to the fear of lawsuits.  Now I am not talking about justified complaints over poor treatment or bad service . I’m talking about the people who have a lifestyle of looking for ways to manufacture offence out of the genuinely innocent and then sue or vent about it in an angry and very loud way all over social media for attention. They are looking for how to take advantage of the situation for selfish gain. At the very least they demand something for free or at the worst, they are looking for a cash settlement. Sometimes it’s merely attention they are seeking.

Meanwhile it seems the faithful, the ones who are living quietly with thankful hearts, living righteously and just trying to do their best in this thing called life, tend to get overlooked. I see this in families with one child being the loud, oppositional one who gets all the parent’s attention while the other children who are being quietly honoring and obedient often times don’t get the praise they deserve. When we go out to a restaurant, how quick are we to compliment good service? How loud are we with our compliments? How loud are we with our support of what is good?

We have unknowingly and unintentionally empowered the negative instead of the positive BUT this can and will change.

Parenting is a good analogy for what’s happening in our culture. We all know what happens when a parent gives in to a toddler who is throwing a tantrum right? It teaches the toddler that throwing fits pays off. That’s what is currently happening in our country. We are catering to toddlers instead of giving attention and time to the ones who are faithful and following the rules.

Many schools claim to have a zero tolerance for bullying in effect but parents will tell you that many times it’s the victim of the bullying that needs to change their behavior instead of the bully. Many times the victims have to find other ways of transportation to school if the bus is the problem, or, maybe even a different school if the school is the problem. This should not be. It’s the bully who should be removed.

Even in movies and TV shows right now, it seems the villains are glorified. I see many movies intended to make you feel sympathy for the villain. Empathy for the bully.  The message is that the “bad guy” is really not that bad at all. In other shows it’s the good guy who turns out to not truly be good. The deception is that the bad is somehow more powerful than the good.  We see death and deception overpowering life and truth in many shows and movies. We have music and shows where the way we shouldn’t act is glorified. Where are the shows full of hope that end with you feeling good and encouraged? The shows that reinforced morals and the righteous way of living, where did they go?  It’s as if everything that is evil is seen as good and what is good is seen as evil. We are crying out for a return of the good guy!

Now to add the fact that discernment is vitally necessary right now to truly determine who and what is good or bad. I believe God is in the process of showing truth that NOT all that glitters is gold and NOT everything and everyone you think is worthy of being honored and entertained, should be honored and entertained. Same goes for those you discredit and ignore because “somebody” told you to do it. Ask the Holy Spirit about it all. Things are really being shaken right now, but it’s a good shaking.

It seems we are very much in a spiritual war. A war between good and evil, life and death. There used to be a saying “Junk in, junk out.” What this meant was that we need to be careful about what we ingest through our eyes and ears because we will start acting like what we “eat.” I never realized back when I heard it just how truthful it was. We are told in the bible what we are to be thinking about…

  Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. (NIV)

This morning I felt so strongly that things are in the process of turning around. I sense that we are coming into a season of the return of the good guy, a return of God being seen as the ultimate good guy. He is straightening crooked paths and He is also making streams in the desert. As we kneel before Him crying out in repentance and praising His name, He will make all things new again. He will make the impossible possible. We will start to see answer to prayers we have prayed for years. We will see life in the most desolate areas of our lives and in our world. We will believe that a better future is possible. He will restore this country’s sense of childlike wonder, hope, and joy. There will be a great return of the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, instead of every person looking out for only themselves. Loving your neighbor will become a way of life.

He is in the process taking out the bullies and replacing the squeaky wheels!

We will overcome evil with good as He taught us to do. It will get messier before it gets better. Remember it’s a process. Remember who is truly on the throne! It’s time to have our eyes wide open. There is much we need to see and learn in the process. We are learning how to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. No longer will the bully prosper. No longer will the spirit of death reign over the entertainment industry. Life is displacing death in our country. Hope is displacing depression. Joy is displacing sorrow.

Romans 12:21 – Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (NIV)

Matthew 10:16 – I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. (ESV)

Be encouraged righteous wheels! The bullies will not be victorious for much longer. He is replacing the squeaky wheels with righteous wheels! The bullies will not be in positions of power and authority over you any longer! Those who are silently faithful, you are seen and you are known by the only One who matters. You are known by the ultimate good guy! He is more powerful than you understand! Trust Him! Stay faithful! Stay hopeful! Remember Daniel in the lions den. The mouths of the lions will be closed! Pray unceasingly! Pray that whatever needs to be uncovered in this season is revealed! Decree Life across our country!!

Look at this world through eyes of childlike wonder, speak love and life and watch our world change!!! We are going from the government of death to the government of LIFE!!!!


Recovering the Priceless Hidden Within our Memories

We have wonderful events that happen to us that are worthy of remembering but because they happened in a season of trauma we can’t seem to gain access to them.

There was a period of ten years in my twenties that I battled IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This made it very hard for me to travel anywhere because if food was involved I never knew how it would digest. There were too many times I would eat and then the severe cramping would start. WORST. FEELING. EVER!

God healed me COMPLETELY after ten years of prayer! I had to stop asking the “why me?” question. I also had to learn to lean on Him and His word in a way I hadn’t known up until then.

I have found, however, that some of the happy memories that happened during that ten year season are hard for me to remember even though I remember every moment of panic and pain.

I sensed the Lord challenging me this morning to ask Him to restore the forgotten treasure hidden in those years.

We surely don’t want to be a people who only remember the bad things in our lives, right? Let’s ask Him to restore to us the priceless that’s hidden in seasons we have deemed worthless.

He is doing this across the board in those memories attached to ourselves, families, friendships, churches, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

If you are currently walking through a season of pain please know that there is always good along with the bad.

* Look for it.

* Ask Him to show you it.

You WILL get through this season and come out of it with a powerful testimony of His faithfulness! Feast on what the word of God says about your situation and never give up hope! He will NEVER leave you in the middle of your pain!!

There is power being planted in our seasons of pain and there is something priceless hidden in what we have been seeing as worthless.

Upgrade Your Software to Match Your New Operating System


When we accept Jesus as Lord we get a new operating system. We run into problems when we try to run old programs (we received in childhood or through trauma) on the new operating system. Many times it causes us to crash.

It is our job to allow the Holy Spirit to detect and remove old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. It’s our job to do the work of downloading the Truth software that is compatable with our new running system. We get that from the word of God.

Any area of need or lack is simply an area that lacks truth running through it.

It is no wonder that the world is turning to relative truth instead of absolute truth. Relative truth enables lies to remain as “true for me”. We no longer fight for the absolute truth that will bring true freedom.

The only way we will overcome is by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony. It’s not just by any animals blood, but by the blood of Jesus. It’s not overcoming by discovering what is “true for me” that liberates but by the Truth Himself.

This is not a time to retreat out of fatigue or because you don’t want to offend anyone. It’s time to press in and let Christ out through us!

Any area under siege is an area under the command of a lie that needs the Truth. When we feel like we are stumbling in the darkness we need the Light. When we are lost and seeking direction we need the Way.

We need MORE TRUTH, MORE LIGHT to see THE WAY through this next part of the journey.

We must realize we must be FULL of the Holy Spirit and working hand in hand in order to birth what we carry. We must turn up the volume of the Holy Spirit within us!

The only way to not fear the storms that rage around us is to carry a greater storm within us! We do!

The only way to not fear the dark is to let the Light within us shine with a blinding light that invades the darkness illuminating all it touches!

The only way to plow past your critics is to hear the voice of Truth louder than the voice of the accuser!

The only way to not be effected by the temperature is to become a thermostat that sets the temperature!

The answer to any problem we face is MORE of Him in us! More truth! More love! More of His presence! More revelation! More discernment! More wisdom! More Grace! More courage!

When I say MORE I’m not actually saying we need more. We already carry all we need, we just don’t realize it. We haven’t gotten rid of the conflicting software yet. When that happens LOOK OUT! We need more revelation on Who we already carry, what we have inherited at the moment we made Jesus Lord of our life, and what He us capable of doing through us.

I must decrease so He can increase. That’s how we get more of Him, by having less of us. It is no longer us who lives but Christ living through us and running His software!

When we look at our humanity we will be filled with doubt and insecurity. The enemy loves to get us looking at ourselves and at the situation. We need to look at Him shining through us. In His ability we can do ALL things He calls us to do!

Ask Him today to show you the old software you’ve been trying to run on the new system He gave you (after all you are a new creation)! Find what the Bible says about those things and receive the download!

It occurred to me yesterday in church that any thought that is rooted in fear is the kind of vain imaginations we are to be taking captive. We are actually hindering the Holy Spirit in those moments because we are looking at the carnal and not the eternal. We are looking at the seen instead of the unseen.

We are putting our focus on the lack of trust in our own ability instead of fully trusting in the Holy Spirit’s ability in us to work through us. We are looking at our old operating system…which doesn’t exist anymore.

We just need to upgrade our mind, will, and emotion software to run this race unhindered and without crashing.

When you look in the mirror who do you see? Press into the MORE He died to make us into. He isn’t distracted by our humanity and we shouldn’t be either. Make the choice today to become invisible so He can shine through your life! He wants to use our humanity (hands, feet, and mouth) for His glory. Let’s let Him!

Saying NO to Compromise

Right now there is a serious focus on not allowing compromise. He is highlighting areas of your life where you may have allowed things in, or taken things out, that you never intended.

What have you given in to, or given up, in order to stay in relationship with people? What have you allowed to slowly creep into your mind, friendships, family, conversations, and home?
What have you stopped talking about or doing that you once felt strongly about?

Here’s a clue…It’s what you allowed in (or have given up) after the thought “it’s really not that big a deal.” One time becomes two, then three, etc. After a while you look back and are amazed how far you have drifted from where you wanted to be due to lots of “not big deals.”

Alignments are vitally important right now. Alignments will either strengthen you or weaken you. Make sure the people you choose to let closest to your heart honor who you are in the spirit.

If they don’t value who you are and what you carry, you will end up devaluing yourself. When you start to compromise your identity, your destiny is also compromised.

He is doing major course corrections right now. May we be sensitive to His leading. This is NOT about bringing condemnation, but about bringing reformation. We cannot move into the future functioning the way we did in the past.

It All Started With a Cobweb

 God likes to speak to me when I take trips and He also likes to use common things to show me His concepts. You know, those moments when He taps you on the shoulder and says “Pay attention to this.” These are the most recent things He has shown me.

The Cobweb 

 It all started with a cobweb that I saw one morning leading up to our most recent trip to Florida. This cobweb went from the top of our second story open foyer ceiling to one of the first floor windows. The only reason I could see it this morning was because the sun was shining on it. It was apparent to me that this didn’t happen over night, but had been happening for some time. We were only aware of it now because it was being highlighted by the sun.

 How many of us have cobwebs building in our life but we aren’t aware of it until the Holy Spirit highlights it to us? These emotional and mental cobwebs may have been there since birth but now is the time for it to be illuminated to us so He can speak truth to the lie that keep it in place in our lives. He is showing it to us so that we can remove it.

 Ephesians 5:13 – But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible. (ESV)

The Dead Tree

 Later that afternoon we were driving by a local church and there were a group of men in the lawn next to the church and they were pulling down a huge tree. Obviously it was dead and had to be removed so it wouldn’t cause damage to the church if it fell into it during a storm or strong wind.

 There are things in our lives that were once useful to us as coping mechanisms but they are no longer serving a positive purpose and are now a threat to your future. They are the lies you believed in childhood but there is no life in them and it’s effecting you as an adult. Be bold enough to allow Me to pull them out before there is any damage. There is no room in your future for dead things. Sometimes we don’t realize they are dead. It doesn’t matter whether it was good seed that didn’t get tended to properly  and died, or bad seed that grew like a weed until you prayed that if there is anything unholy in you for it to die and it did. Whatever the reason, we must acknowledge that it is dead and no longer an asset to your growth. We must go through the heartbreaking act of saying goodbye to what we have become accustomed to seeing in the landscape of our life. The lies have to go!

  2 Corinthians 10:4-5 – For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

  Get Ready to Fly 

 We went to Orlando on our latest trip. There was a really awesome entertainment business in Orlando called ifly. It was basically a huge wind tunnel that simulated a sky diving experience. We were so intrigued sitting outside the large plastic tube where people in jumpsuits and helmets would step into with an instructor. It was interesting to watch people lose their footing to become weightless. It was a whole new world for them. It took learning to move in ways that directed them in the direction they wanted to go in.

 It was especially  entertaining to watch the instructors who could do all kinds of flips and spins all over the tube! They could go the bottom and then shoot up like a rocket….defying the laws of physics for us normally. They knew what they were doing. They had spent enough time in that environment to know how to move in order to do what they envisioned doing. They knew how to use the opposition (wind) coming against them to do amazing things. The wind was their asset.

   Romans 8:28 – He works ALL things together for the good of those that love God, who are called according to his purpose.

 This is where we are headed. It is time for us to use the opposition that we face daily to propel us upward. We need to get use to moving like heaven and not like we are bound by the earth. It’s time to think supernaturally where the things that are impossible with man ore possible with God. We must stop being disheartened when the winds blow fiercely and realized that it is sent to make you stronger. It is your asset.  He is Your greatest asset. He knows where you are headed and can be trusted to get you there, but you must think and see differently. The way you have moved through this world up until now must change to align with His way.

 Isaiah 55:8-9- “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways” declares the Lord. “As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways tighter than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”


 What I felt Him piecing together was that there are somethings that are in our lives that we have not noticed before- He is highlighting them now. Be courageous enough to look at those things and allow Him to remove what is taking up space or is spiritually dead in your life. Sometimes we need to look at where the cobweb starts in order to get it all. We need to go after the starting point of a wound or habit. He wants to heal our souls completely. He wants us to use the “opposition” in our lives to build strength and an ability to move in unusual ways. He is longing to teach you to move in ways that defy what is natural. He has made you to be supernatural by partnering with Him. He will teach you to do those things you have only dreamt about doing. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! It is only through Him that they will be done. This comes after the pruning to remove dead weight. He is teaching you to fly with Him!

Shattering Assumption and Overturning Unjust Verdicts

One of the big things God is bringing light and correction to is in the area of assumptions and unjust verdicts we have made with superficial evidence that was planted by the enemy against others.

What is the first thing we think when we see someone? What assumptions are we making without a word ever being exchanged between us? Can these assumptions be trusted as truth? Do we care enough to ask for more information?

God is bringing His truth to the things we think we know about people and situations. He is exposing these blind spots because it affects the way we treat one another.

You know the saying “you know what happens when we assume… you make an ass out of u-m-e” is very much true and very much on His heart. He is not a God of assumption, He is the God of truth and love.

He is breaking down all the walls that divide His kids. The walls we erect when we see someone are huge ones!

What are we assuming about their life based on what they look like? What lies are we tempted to believe about the inner details of their life? Could these very assumptions keep us at a distance? Could the very color of their skin or hair cause an assumption to be made?

This is why testimonies are so powerful! Testimonies dismantle judgments we would normally make about someone. We now understand who they are instead of who we think they are! Testimonies make people real and relatable!

What I see happening is that He is using each of us to dismantle stereotypes to the people we have contact with every day. With every conversation, we dare to have we are dismantling lies we didn’t know we were believing about each other.

It does not matter whether those invisible walls are based on race, social standing, neighborhood, gender, family name, education level, politics, occupation, age, or church, etc…. He desires to shatter them all! He wants His kids relating heart to heart without dividing walls.

Please let’s stop assuming things about people without ever having a conversation with them. Let us truly love one another enough to ask for their story. Get to really know their heart and then you will be seeing them through God’s eyes!

He is challenging us to stop assuming and to be willing to overturn unjust verdicts we have made against others.

1Samuel 16:7- the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

The New is Bursting Forth

I don’t think I’m alone in trying to understand how to move in this new season. In prayer I sought the Lord’s wisdom in what I was experiencing. This is what I heard…

As the new is bursting through the old it will feel like a butterfly wriggling to emerge from deep within yourself.

There is a holy rumble of the MORE being formed within you.

During this process your perception will change and the veil of deception, comfort and slumber will fall off your eyes. You will see things for what they are…the areas of compromise will be seen clearly.

There will be a fierce resolve to reject the status quo and go for that which is holy and that which is just.

The restlessness you feel is a good thing as you brings the wrestle needed to make a change. You must resist what has become comfortable. You must reject what has become normal. You must shed the old ways of thinking, seeing, and moving.

The new that is coming forth moves to the heartbeat of heaven. It sees and hears through the perspective of heaven. Be patient with yourself… everything is changing!

We must fully discard the “less than” so we can fully become the “more than.”

Choose Well…Love Well

I found myself deeply grieved by recent events in the news and as I was processing how we have gotten to where we are right now, these are the things I pondered.

When we make a decision from only a personal perspective we fail to see the bigger picture. It is not just a single act, it has a ripple effect on society and becomes culture.

“You do you and I’ll do me” has become a motto repeated from college campuses, family dinner tables, and even some churches. It seems we have lost the ability to look out for the greater good. It seems we have lost our love that looks further than what’s right infant of us and loves deeper than ourselves. It seems we have lost our heart.

It seems we have lost the ability to see the ripple effect of our actions. When I make a decision and think it only effects me as a person and what is in my best interest, I am being deceived.

When we replace absolute truth with relative truth, we lose right and wrong completely. This breeds indifference to other people’s decisions. We see it as “not our problem” and “not our business”.

We need to care about people’s decisions and love them enough to help them work through that decision. We need to get our heart back for others. When did we lose our love to the point that we don’t step in and offer a better way?

When we lose right and wrong as a society as a whole, we also lose the need for repentance in our own minds. There is no shame for what we do that is wrong because we believe it’s not wrong for us. There is no more guilt… no remorse…for anything. Everything and anything becomes acceptable. There is no need for a savior in a world that believes anything goes.

The truth is that it is OUR world. We create the world we live in with OUR beliefs, OUR words and OUR actions.

We must return to the truth that we are all connected and what you do and say absolutely effects me, it absolutely effects us. We are building our world each and every day. What are we building?

It starts with each of our individual attitudes and choices. Our decisions matter more than we understand. Our decisions must be rooted in truth, love and what’s best for all. Choose well.