Recovering the Priceless Hidden Within our Memories

We have wonderful events that happen to us that are worthy of remembering but because they happened in a season of trauma we can’t seem to gain access to them.

There was a period of ten years in my twenties that I battled IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This made it very hard for me to travel anywhere because if food was involved I never knew how it would digest. There were too many times I would eat and then the severe cramping would start. WORST. FEELING. EVER!

God healed me COMPLETELY after ten years of prayer! I had to stop asking the “why me?” question. I also had to learn to lean on Him and His word in a way I hadn’t known up until then.

I have found, however, that some of the happy memories that happened during that ten year season are hard for me to remember even though I remember every moment of panic and pain.

I sensed the Lord challenging me this morning to ask Him to restore the forgotten treasure hidden in those years.

We surely don’t want to be a people who only remember the bad things in our lives, right? Let’s ask Him to restore to us the priceless that’s hidden in seasons we have deemed worthless.

He is doing this across the board in those memories attached to ourselves, families, friendships, churches, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

If you are currently walking through a season of pain please know that there is always good along with the bad.

* Look for it.

* Ask Him to show you it.

You WILL get through this season and come out of it with a powerful testimony of His faithfulness! Feast on what the word of God says about your situation and never give up hope! He will NEVER leave you in the middle of your pain!!

There is power being planted in our seasons of pain and there is something priceless hidden in what we have been seeing as worthless.

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