Saying NO to Compromise

Right now there is a serious focus on not allowing compromise. He is highlighting areas of your life where you may have allowed things in, or taken things out, that you never intended.

What have you given in to, or given up, in order to stay in relationship with people? What have you allowed to slowly creep into your mind, friendships, family, conversations, and home?
What have you stopped talking about or doing that you once felt strongly about?

Here’s a clue…It’s what you allowed in (or have given up) after the thought “it’s really not that big a deal.” One time becomes two, then three, etc. After a while you look back and are amazed how far you have drifted from where you wanted to be due to lots of “not big deals.”

Alignments are vitally important right now. Alignments will either strengthen you or weaken you. Make sure the people you choose to let closest to your heart honor who you are in the spirit.

If they don’t value who you are and what you carry, you will end up devaluing yourself. When you start to compromise your identity, your destiny is also compromised.

He is doing major course corrections right now. May we be sensitive to His leading. This is NOT about bringing condemnation, but about bringing reformation. We cannot move into the future functioning the way we did in the past.

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