Upgrade Your Software to Match Your New Operating System


When we accept Jesus as Lord we get a new operating system. We run into problems when we try to run old programs (we received in childhood or through trauma) on the new operating system. Many times it causes us to crash.

It is our job to allow the Holy Spirit to detect and remove old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. It’s our job to do the work of downloading the Truth software that is compatable with our new running system. We get that from the word of God.

Any area of need or lack is simply an area that lacks truth running through it.

It is no wonder that the world is turning to relative truth instead of absolute truth. Relative truth enables lies to remain as “true for me”. We no longer fight for the absolute truth that will bring true freedom.

The only way we will overcome is by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony. It’s not just by any animals blood, but by the blood of Jesus. It’s not overcoming by discovering what is “true for me” that liberates but by the Truth Himself.

This is not a time to retreat out of fatigue or because you don’t want to offend anyone. It’s time to press in and let Christ out through us!

Any area under siege is an area under the command of a lie that needs the Truth. When we feel like we are stumbling in the darkness we need the Light. When we are lost and seeking direction we need the Way.

We need MORE TRUTH, MORE LIGHT to see THE WAY through this next part of the journey.

We must realize we must be FULL of the Holy Spirit and working hand in hand in order to birth what we carry. We must turn up the volume of the Holy Spirit within us!

The only way to not fear the storms that rage around us is to carry a greater storm within us! We do!

The only way to not fear the dark is to let the Light within us shine with a blinding light that invades the darkness illuminating all it touches!

The only way to plow past your critics is to hear the voice of Truth louder than the voice of the accuser!

The only way to not be effected by the temperature is to become a thermostat that sets the temperature!

The answer to any problem we face is MORE of Him in us! More truth! More love! More of His presence! More revelation! More discernment! More wisdom! More Grace! More courage!

When I say MORE I’m not actually saying we need more. We already carry all we need, we just don’t realize it. We haven’t gotten rid of the conflicting software yet. When that happens LOOK OUT! We need more revelation on Who we already carry, what we have inherited at the moment we made Jesus Lord of our life, and what He us capable of doing through us.

I must decrease so He can increase. That’s how we get more of Him, by having less of us. It is no longer us who lives but Christ living through us and running His software!

When we look at our humanity we will be filled with doubt and insecurity. The enemy loves to get us looking at ourselves and at the situation. We need to look at Him shining through us. In His ability we can do ALL things He calls us to do!

Ask Him today to show you the old software you’ve been trying to run on the new system He gave you (after all you are a new creation)! Find what the Bible says about those things and receive the download!

It occurred to me yesterday in church that any thought that is rooted in fear is the kind of vain imaginations we are to be taking captive. We are actually hindering the Holy Spirit in those moments because we are looking at the carnal and not the eternal. We are looking at the seen instead of the unseen.

We are putting our focus on the lack of trust in our own ability instead of fully trusting in the Holy Spirit’s ability in us to work through us. We are looking at our old operating system…which doesn’t exist anymore.

We just need to upgrade our mind, will, and emotion software to run this race unhindered and without crashing.

When you look in the mirror who do you see? Press into the MORE He died to make us into. He isn’t distracted by our humanity and we shouldn’t be either. Make the choice today to become invisible so He can shine through your life! He wants to use our humanity (hands, feet, and mouth) for His glory. Let’s let Him!

Saying NO to Compromise

Right now there is a serious focus on not allowing compromise. He is highlighting areas of your life where you may have allowed things in, or taken things out, that you never intended.

What have you given in to, or given up, in order to stay in relationship with people? What have you allowed to slowly creep into your mind, friendships, family, conversations, and home?
What have you stopped talking about or doing that you once felt strongly about?

Here’s a clue…It’s what you allowed in (or have given up) after the thought “it’s really not that big a deal.” One time becomes two, then three, etc. After a while you look back and are amazed how far you have drifted from where you wanted to be due to lots of “not big deals.”

Alignments are vitally important right now. Alignments will either strengthen you or weaken you. Make sure the people you choose to let closest to your heart honor who you are in the spirit.

If they don’t value who you are and what you carry, you will end up devaluing yourself. When you start to compromise your identity, your destiny is also compromised.

He is doing major course corrections right now. May we be sensitive to His leading. This is NOT about bringing condemnation, but about bringing reformation. We cannot move into the future functioning the way we did in the past.