Shattering Assumption and Overturning Unjust Verdicts

One of the big things God is bringing light and correction to is in the area of assumptions and unjust verdicts we have made with superficial evidence that was planted by the enemy against others.

What is the first thing we think when we see someone? What assumptions are we making without a word ever being exchanged between us? Can these assumptions be trusted as truth? Do we care enough to ask for more information?

God is bringing His truth to the things we think we know about people and situations. He is exposing these blind spots because it affects the way we treat one another.

You know the saying “you know what happens when we assume… you make an ass out of u-m-e” is very much true and very much on His heart. He is not a God of assumption, He is the God of truth and love.

He is breaking down all the walls that divide His kids. The walls we erect when we see someone are huge ones!

What are we assuming about their life based on what they look like? What lies are we tempted to believe about the inner details of their life? Could these very assumptions keep us at a distance? Could the very color of their skin or hair cause an assumption to be made?

This is why testimonies are so powerful! Testimonies dismantle judgments we would normally make about someone. We now understand who they are instead of who we think they are! Testimonies make people real and relatable!

What I see happening is that He is using each of us to dismantle stereotypes to the people we have contact with every day. With every conversation, we dare to have we are dismantling lies we didn’t know we were believing about each other.

It does not matter whether those invisible walls are based on race, social standing, neighborhood, gender, family name, education level, politics, occupation, age, or church, etc…. He desires to shatter them all! He wants His kids relating heart to heart without dividing walls.

Please let’s stop assuming things about people without ever having a conversation with them. Let us truly love one another enough to ask for their story. Get to really know their heart and then you will be seeing them through God’s eyes!

He is challenging us to stop assuming and to be willing to overturn unjust verdicts we have made against others.

1Samuel 16:7- the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

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