The New is Bursting Forth

I don’t think I’m alone in trying to understand how to move in this new season. In prayer I sought the Lord’s wisdom in what I was experiencing. This is what I heard…

As the new is bursting through the old it will feel like a butterfly wriggling to emerge from deep within yourself.

There is a holy rumble of the MORE being formed within you.

During this process your perception will change and the veil of deception, comfort and slumber will fall off your eyes. You will see things for what they are…the areas of compromise will be seen clearly.

There will be a fierce resolve to reject the status quo and go for that which is holy and that which is just.

The restlessness you feel is a good thing as you brings the wrestle needed to make a change. You must resist what has become comfortable. You must reject what has become normal. You must shed the old ways of thinking, seeing, and moving.

The new that is coming forth moves to the heartbeat of heaven. It sees and hears through the perspective of heaven. Be patient with yourself… everything is changing!

We must fully discard the “less than” so we can fully become the “more than.”

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