Call in Your Investors

I was pouring out my heart to the Lord during my quiet time this morning. As I listened for His response, I heard Him say “Call in your investors. ”

What an odd thing to hear. I’ve always prayed and waited for those who are supposed to be in my life to divinely appear into it. This command challenged me. I have never prayed that boldly before. Someone had recently prophesied that I would start praying prayers that would scare people by their boldness.

As I pondered this line which seemed to be a command rather than a prayer, I wondered if it was ok to do such a thing.

I started to realize that many have supporters and followers, but what is lacking in the body are those willing to help you do what God has called you to do. The investors. The mentors. The fathers. The mothers.

Everyone wants support but who is willing to actually invest (take an active part in, to sow a part of yourself into) the development and training of the person themself? I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about investing with your time, wisdom, and no how.

I’ve spent my life investing in others and it’s been time well spent… with good people… wise investments. Not looking for anything out of it other than for them to become everything God created them to be.

I have also had quite a few throughout my life invest in me for a season and I am forever grateful to/for them. Right now there seems to be a lack of mothers and fathers (sounding boards, advice/wisdom givers, accountability holders) for the ones who know they are called to be mothers and fathers.

Have we really gotten to the point where we won’t invest unless it benefits us some how? Do we still do things simply out of love and simply because God asks us to? Is being obedient or being kind reward enough for us? Can we invest simply because we want to see another thrive?

We are in a time where the investors need invested in themselves in order for them to know how to invest in the next generation. We need your wisdom and “know how.” We need people who have been there and done that to show the way in a disciplining kind of way. We need to see up close so we can learn how to do what you already know how to do with ease.

I have always loved working as a team and I see that being the way of the future. We need each other in order to spur one another forward and grow each other up.

Many have puzzle pieces before them and some fit perfectly. You have a picture given through prophecy of what the final picture will look like once it is all put together, but the are vital pieces missing. We need to call in the missing pieces. Investors help you make sense of the puzzle pieces. They hold pieces that you need. They show you how to piece it all together. It will happen organically, relationally, and without a doubt supernaturally.

Call in your investors and dare to invest in others. There are those who desperately need what you know and the wisdom that you carry!

Rising to Our New Normal


On a recent trip the Lord started to speak to me about four things. I know these things pertain to myself but I think they will also encourage many others out there who are going through similar struggles. I write not from a place of achieving these things but it’s more like we are taking a journey together and I’m sharing what I hear along the way. It’s kind of like we are all in an escape room and we all need to share what we discover in order to get out. Here are some things I heard Him saying to me.

Expect surprises – This trip was a complete surprise. All I knew was that we were going somewhere warm and that I needed my passport. I realize that these are the situations where I function at my best because I can’t overthink it. I joked to my husband that if anyone ever wanted me to speak publicly this is how they would need to do it….last minute and in the moment. I started to realize that I can overthink myself out of anything, even the things God may want me to do, and that needs to stop. On impulse, I’m in the moment and thriving! Do we trust Him enough to surprise us? Are we ok with only “need to know” information?

  New Heights in Him – As we were sitting on the taxiway waiting to take off I was suddenly aware of how many American Eagle planes were all around us. I knew it was one of those moments that meant more than face value. I felt the Lord saying “I am rising up My eagles (prophets) in this season.” I also felt a caution from Him about not allowing impatience, frustration, fear, or distraction to tempt you to veer off of the runway He has you on. He said “Make sure you have your destination and radar set on Me and that your headset is on and tuned in to My frequency only and I will direct your steps.” “You must discipline yourself to have eyes and ears for only Me in order for me to take you to the heights I want to take you to.” “I’m giving you sniper like vision but you must be looking from heaven’s perspective in order to see things clearly.” “You must lose sight of the ground (natural) so you can truly learn to fly with Me (supernatural).” “You must become accustomed to heights instead of fearing them. I’m giving you a new normal.”

 Trust beyond what you can see – I love take off! As we were rising through the sky it was beautiful as I looked down on the city below. It was definitely a different perspective. Suddenly what used to be big was very little in my eyes. Then we hit the cloud layer. This always reminds me of the 2nd heaven and the action that is happening there that sometimes clouds our judgments and perspectives. As we climbed we rose above that altitude so that the clouds looked like a soft floor to a whole other world. The sun was shining brightly and clearly and there is a sense of calm, peace, and trust at this height. As I tried to look down at the ground I couldn’t see anything from earth. It was no longer an option. There would occasionally be a break in the clouds and then I would get a glimpse of what was going on below but I couldn’t get a sense of security or direction from the ground anymore. What struck me was the thought that the earth didn’t cease to exist merely because I couldn’t see it anymore, just like the sun doesn’t cease to exist just because we can’t see it from the ground sometimes. We cannot fall for the lie that God isn’t currently fully engaged and active in our lives when we can’t see what He’s doing behind the clouds. When we get earth based we forget to look up and realize that is where we are grounded. In Christ, we are grounded, grafted into Him. He wants to get us to the point where we are constantly looking up, living up, coming up, rising up as we live our lives out on earth.

 Don’t look down and take that leap! – There was a moment once we got to our destination when we were sitting next to a pool which had a high (for me) cliff as part of it’s architecture. People were occasionally walking up and jumping off of it. They had two levels a lower one and a higher one. I was pretty much determined to go off the higher one but I know myself and was not going to allow myself to think about it too long because I knew I would change my mind. I could hear the Lord telling me that the key was to not think about it too long, don’t look down or hesitate, but to simply JUMP! So I did. It ended up being higher than I had thought, but I did it! It is only through doing the things that scare us that we conquer that fear! It is only through doing things at high altitudes that we get used to the height! Pretty soon we are soaring and can’t imagine being earth bound ever again. Do not allow the enemy to have you second guessing what God has said by making you concerned about what could go wrong or with what people will do or say!

He is giving us a new normal. He is taking our focus off of the natural and onto the supernatural. It’s time to fully disengage from the things and mindsets that hinder forward movement. Don’t be discouraged. He wants to surprise you! You are getting ready to take off! Focus on Him and discipline yourself to hear only His voice and reject all distractions. When He calls you to jump, JUMP! Don’t look down, don’t second guess what you heard, just leap. Whether it is to do something or to pray for something, to go speak to someone, just do it. You will become accustomed to the new heights and it will become your new home.