Renounce the Old and Go for the Gold


(Initially I was going to break this up into three different words but I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to keep it together.)

This is a season of the face down. You will only get through this tight and low spot prostrate before Him.

There is a birthing happening as you move through this opening, but you must deny all the distractions and lay low.

This birthing process is stirring up deep anxieties in all of us much like a woman in labor who is in pain. All the insecurities and fears are surfacing through this process. Release them into His hands as they do. They can’t go into your destiny attached to you…. They won’t fit through the opening.

The fire of this fiery furnace you are in is being used DEFINE and REFINE you, and NOT to harm you. I see it like a holy back-draft. The fire directed at you will hit the presence and glory of God on your life and combust. You will then turn and blaze a trail using the fire to blaze a trail for the glory of God. What was meant for evil God is using for good. The fire is making a way IN you, and BEFORE you, where there seemed to be no way.

He is going after bloodline destinies. He is restoring your family line back to it’s original design for His glory. He is returning countries back to their original destinies. He is going after the gold that He deposited in them from the very beginning.

He is bringing His justice to injustices. He is healing deep hurts that have gone through generations. He is removing addictions of all kinds off of family lines. All it takes is one person in this season to decree that Jesus is Lord over the family line and call forth God’s intent for their family to change their future. He desires for you to partner with Him on this treasure hunt of all treasure hunts.

Many times you can find God’s gold (destiny) for a family line by looking at how the enemy has attacked it. If there is a lot of depression then it could be JOY OF THE LORD is the gold. If there are addictions it could be FREEING CAPTIVES is the gold.  There are gifted sons and daughters of the King out there filling their lives with junk because they don’t know who they are. We need to tell them the gold we see.  There are anointings in family lines laying dormant that are waiting to be discovered much like a treasure hunt. Decree the blood of Jesus over your family line and look for the gold!

Stay low and humble. Stay focused on Him and His voice alone. Allow the Holy Spirit to expose and remove any added baggage that you’ve accumulated through the years such as fear, doubt, unbelief, insecurity. Pray about your family line and plead the blood of Jesus over it. Renounce any recurring dysfunctional behavior and look for the gold…. Call it forth! Call forth God’s divine destiny over your family line. Renounce the old and go for the gold! Call it out! Look at your region and do the same thing… renounce dysfunctional old and call forth the gold! Look at your country, church, school, workplace… Look for the gold and call it forth.

  Romans 4:17- He is our example and father, for in God’s presence he believed that God can raise the dead and call into being things that don’t even exist yet.

What Do You GET to Do Today?


It is so easy to think and talk about the things we “want to” do. There is a passion attached to those things, but when it comes to things like school, job, church, paying a mortgage, feeding the dog, working things out with your spouse, taking care of an elderly parent etc…it can easily become things we see that we “have to” do instead of things we “get the opportunity to” do. The emotions attached to these things are not usually as positive and they sometimes birth whines of opposition and fatigue from deep within us.

It’s all perspective isn’t it? The one who is unemployed would love a job that they “get to” go to. The one without the option of school would love to “get to” to go. The one without a spouse would love to have one they “get to” disagree with once in a while. The one without a dog would love one they “get to” feed. The one who has to walk miles to a church would love to “get to” go to one right down the street. The one who lost an elderly parent would love to “get to” take care of them for one more day.

If we could change the mindset from things we “have to” do to things we “get to” do, we would change this world.

Today we had to say goodbye to our dog of fourteen years. I’ll admit, I did my share of feeling the “have to” of taking care of her especially the past four months. She would refuse to come in from outside because she was too tired to make the trip. This past week she lost her ability to stand on her back legs and we had to help her walk. She was in a lot of pain. She had a hard time seeing and hearing in the end, but she was truly a sweet dog all her life. Even when things get challenging we need to still see them as something we get the chance to take part in. It’s an invitation to dive deeply into the things that truly matter.

Sitting here in this house pondering when that shift happens from “get to” to “have to”. I wonder what would happen if we never made the shift. What if we approached every situation in our lives with a “get to” attitude? The more I think of it, it actually is a ” honored to get the chance to” attitude and mindset. What would happen if as parents we were thankful for our jobs and our families and neighborhoods and our kids knew without a doubt that you felt honored to have the life you have?

We are told to count it joy when we encounter trials. What if instead of seeing challenges as something we “have to” go through, we see them as something we “get to” go through? What if we truly align our minds and emotions with the mind of Christ which is actually excited about all we will learn and the ways we will grow through it? He works all things together for our good!

If we are truly supposed to overcome evil with good, doesn’t it need to start in our own minds? I believe a huge part of that is changing our mindset from seeing the routine things of this world as something unimportant or boring and something we “have to” do, and changing it into a heart of thankfulness for the things we “get to” do.

My question for you is, what do you GET TO do today???