Recalculating and Rerouting Ahead

I hear the Lord saying “I am changing the details of the map you are following to your destiny.”

I believe He is doing a mass RECALCULATING or REROUTING for many in this season. You may have been staring at the map of your life for years almost to the point of having it memorized.

As you look at it now though it looks a bit unfamiliar to you as He has changed some things around. Some of the landmarks you knew where ahead, suddenly aren’t. Where you knew there was supposed to be a straight road, there’s now a turn. Where you thought there was nothing but green lights now hold a mixture of red in there too.

 You may even question if this is your map at all due to the unfamiliarity of it all. He is taking you a new way with new things to see along the way and maybe even a different final destination.

New roads are being added to your map and some roads are simply no longer on the map. The tried and true way you are used to driving no longer exists. You are being given a new way to get where you are going.

There will be new traffic lights with new traffic patterns. Some might not make logical sense. You don’t understand why there is a red light in that particular spot….trust Him. You might not understand why that road is closed….trust Him. Remember you are being rerouted by the Lord.

Trust the lights you see with people and places. Some will defy your human logic and reasoning. You may have had a green light with someone in the past but now it’s red. Trust in the map maker! He knows both what He’s doing and where He’s taking you.

There is GREAT JOY along this journey as long as you stay humble, moldable and teachable in His hands. Keep your eyes on the map. It can be found tattooed on His heart.


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