Relationship is a Two Way Street


God created relationships are designed to be two way streets. Many of you have poured and poured out for years into some relationships with people who have narcissistic ways of thinking it’s all about them. They believe that you are in their life only to make their life better without any true caring about what is happening in your world.

These may even be relationships that started as two way streets and were life giving at one point but now due to life’s challenges have shut down one side and the relationship now feels dry and lifeless. Now it feels like ministry instead of a relationship. Truth is that it will take the fire of God igniting their hearts, to burn up the dam that’s been keeping the love of God out, for their streets to open back up in order to allow the love to flow outward once again.

 When we go through trauma it is a natural response to shut down and stop the flow of love coming out. The ironic thing is that it is only through opening that heart flow back up that the toxins get removed from your stream. God will be the One who flushes all the sediment out and restores healthy functioning. It’s what He does….He restores everything He touches! I don’t believe in lost causes! Never stop loving and praying!

He will be bringing you to a new group of people who will honor and value you the way He intended and as you pour out in to these new people, they will pour right back into you. He is removing the unequally yoked people who are in high positions in your inner circle to make room for the ones who need to be there in order to edify, challenge, and to spur one another on to advance the kingdom…all for His glory!

Who are the people in your life who text just to ask “How are you?” without wanting anything from you? The people who truly care about the answer? That is a sign of a two way street relationship. Who are the people in your life that you KNOW pray for you and don’t merely say they will? Cherish them!

This is actually a answer to your heart cry in this season. He is saying that you have LOVED WELL and He is bringing those who will LOVE YOU WELL TOO!

Recalculating and Rerouting Ahead

I hear the Lord saying “I am changing the details of the map you are following to your destiny.”

I believe He is doing a mass RECALCULATING or REROUTING for many in this season. You may have been staring at the map of your life for years almost to the point of having it memorized.

As you look at it now though it looks a bit unfamiliar to you as He has changed some things around. Some of the landmarks you knew where ahead, suddenly aren’t. Where you knew there was supposed to be a straight road, there’s now a turn. Where you thought there was nothing but green lights now hold a mixture of red in there too.

 You may even question if this is your map at all due to the unfamiliarity of it all. He is taking you a new way with new things to see along the way and maybe even a different final destination.

New roads are being added to your map and some roads are simply no longer on the map. The tried and true way you are used to driving no longer exists. You are being given a new way to get where you are going.

There will be new traffic lights with new traffic patterns. Some might not make logical sense. You don’t understand why there is a red light in that particular spot….trust Him. You might not understand why that road is closed….trust Him. Remember you are being rerouted by the Lord.

Trust the lights you see with people and places. Some will defy your human logic and reasoning. You may have had a green light with someone in the past but now it’s red. Trust in the map maker! He knows both what He’s doing and where He’s taking you.

There is GREAT JOY along this journey as long as you stay humble, moldable and teachable in His hands. Keep your eyes on the map. It can be found tattooed on His heart.

Do You Trust Me?



 Do you trust me? I mean whole heartedly trust me? Even when things go in the opposite direction (in our eyes)…trust me? I’ve heard the Lord asking me these questions and I think MANY others are hearing the same questions being whispered in the midst of the most terrifying situations.

There is a sense deep inside that He’s asking you to walk through a door which holds both your wildest dreams and also great anxiety.

I see many hovering between the comfort of the past and the unknown of the future. It makes me wonder if Dorothy had known there was a tornado coming and she would end up in Oz…how she would’ve slept the night before.

It’s almost as if you know that when you walk through that door it will be like saying goodbye to Kansas FOREVER and your life WILL NEVER be the same from that point forward.

Trying to sort through the emotions of it all and forcing your heart to truly line up with your mouth when it says to the Lord “not my will but Yours be done.”

You come face to face and heart to heart with “it is no longer I living but Christ in me.” This scripture suddenly has new meaning to you. Now it’s personal.

My mind is so extreme because to me it feels like He is asking me to jump out of an airplane or to willingly stick my finger in an electrical outlet!

I know that this very choice for MANY OF US will usher us straight into our destinies. I know without a doubt that by leaving the safety of the river banks that we will walk on water.

Do you trust Me with your future? Do you trust Me with ALL you hold dear to you? Do you trust Me that I won’t let you fall?

May we all come to the point of proclaiming…”Yes Lord I trust You….I whole heartedly trust You! Come what may! Into Your hands I fully release my life!”

He is looking for a faith that defies logic in the emerging pioneers! A faith that looks fear in the eye and declares “Do your worst, my God is with me,
 I will not be shaken!