Try Again

TRY AGAIN…I hear it deep in my spirit. I sense there are many who have stepped out in the past and dared to expose their hearts and their gifts to the world and have been deeply hurt as a result.

Here’s the important part for you to understand…..there was NOTHING wrong with you in those moments. The world just wasn’t ready to receive the glory of what you carry. They just didn’t see the gift you were and didn’t know how to care for it properly. In many cases they didn’t even know who they were in Christ so they couldn’t see anyone else in Him either.

  He has been healing you and restoring those pieces of you that felt shattered upon the rocks at the shoreline of life. He has been restoring every part of you that went into hiding. He has been breathing new creative life into your very core restoring you back into who He originally created you to be.

I hear Him saying to step out and TRY AGAIN. It’s a different season and you are now a You that’s been infused and fortified by Him. As You emerge you will no longer be distracted by your enemies. Your heart and your eyes will be locked onto the One Your soul loves. You are fully His without rival. The opinions of man mean nothing to You now. The world needs you to be fully You. You (in Him) are more powerful than you could have ever imagined!

He has missions for you to go on and you will carry them out hand in hand with Him. You have been given keys to unlock things that have been locked until such a time as this! You have revelation to release! You have atmospheres to shift and captives to free!

It’s Your time to rise and shine! You are FREE to BE!!


3 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. Thanks!! This is what I needed to hear! Someone actually had that same kind of word for me about 20 years ago! The part about the world not being ready for what I carry. It’s been a struggle all my Christian life. But I am going to step out again and see what happens!

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  2. Yes, same with me. My gifts were not encouraged and were even rejected. I gave up using them because I thought I wasn’t using them right. I went back to work full time and got away from the people in those groups. Maybe the right people can help me develop them this time.

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