The Love Buffet


I was saddened by a conversation I had with a young adult the other day who asked me why we, as people, don’t like to be responsible for our own actions? They wanted to know why we are so quick to deny,  make excuses for, or blame others for our behavior? They asked me why some people who call themselves Christian seem to do it to be seen in a positive light while behind the scenes are living exactly like the world? I mean when did it become totally normal in this culture for someone who calls themselves a christian to send nude pics to someone?

It made me think of the scripture in Matthew 15:8 – “these people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me.”

It made me wonder where holiness had gone in today’s churches and how had we gotten to this state of hypocrisy.  I thought back on when I became a Christian at age twenty and how I had truly understood that I was choosing to die to self in that moment. The things I used to do, like lying and swearing, I had no justification within me to do anymore after that point. It was a defining moment. I was made NEW. It wasn’t like I was following a set of rules or trying to be good, it’s that I truly had no desire to do what was displeasing to my Lord and out of my great love for Him. He changed me from the inside out. I was not the same person I had been. I now had His thoughts, His emotions, His motives, His eyes, His ears and His heart.

It seems like much of the church has veered from true holiness and righteousness and into wanting to merely appear that way.

1 Samuel 16:7 –  For the Lord does not see as man sees;  for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So many of us like to pick and choose what we consider sin. Some people like to focus on sexual sin as being horrible and intolerable while turning a blind eye to their own gossip within their own prayer groups. Some people see no problem with sexual sin and swearing these days but still believing that judging and hypocrisy is horrible.  As I prayed the Lord gave me this vision.


I immediately saw in the spirit a buffet of food and believers were going up to it and picking and choosing what they wanted and rejected what they didn’t want to eat. This was the buffet of law and religion, they were free to eat whatever they could justify eating, but it was all sin.

Then I looked at the other end of the table and there was food marked “disputable.” People were scared to eat from that food merely because it was on the same table as the sin was served and they didn’t want to be gossiped about as if they were eating something wrong. If you ate this food you ran the risk of being labeled a sinner and looked down upon even though you have eaten nothing wrong.

I noticed that as these people went up to eat they didn’t look happy and every one of them had a guilty look on their face. I could tell they got no joy or satisfaction from what they were eating. Everyone’s eyes were focused on everyone else and what they were eating. They were quickly hungry again and would go up to fill their plates again and again.

I sensed the Lord’s heart as He watched with me. He desired for His children to be feasting on Him and life rather than on the scraps of death that the law and religion brings. You will be in bondage to whatever you are ingesting.

We then walked into another room and this one was FULL of great JOY!! This room had food too but it was on a single gold plate that everyone shared. There was much LAUGHTER and LIFE in this place!  I asked Him what they were eating as it was so simple and He said “MY LOVE! My LOVE is all they need to be satisfied and to live holy and righteous.  When they are full of my love they are incapable of doing any of the things that grieve Me. These people realize it’s not about joining a VIP club for the benefits. It is a place where you come to die so that I can live through them. It is no longer them that live but Me living through them. It is My appetite for righteousness that guides their decisions and because of that they have no cravings for anything that would bring guilt, condemnation or destruction.

  These people are truly FREE to BE in ME. 

 In Me they are free to live, move and have their being. That’s why they are making a joyful noise!”  Acts 17:28

He then did something absolutely amazing! He went into the other room where law and religion was being served and He blew into it!  A mighty wind started blowing everything that could be blown. It knocked all the food to the ground and people started to panic. He then stopped and looked around at the people with the kindest eyes full of love and said……COME AND SIN NO MORE!

One by one the people lined up to leave the room and make their way to the other room. None of them were looking at the food on the floor but were captivated by the love in the eyes of Jesus. As each of them walked up to Jesus, they handed Him their fine clothes which actually filthy rags of self righteousness and as they did, they died to self. They fell into His arms with tears of gratefulness knowing they were truly loved and forgiven by the one who see their hearts. They became whole NEW CREATIONS (2 Corinthians 5:17)! Jesus gave each of them new sparkling white robes of righteousness as a gift for it was not based on what the person had done but on what Jesus had done.

As each of them entered the room serving LOVE and LIFE there was great celebration from the people already inside. They were embraced by all and given a seat at the table. They feasted on God’s LOVE and were never hungry again.


Father God I ask for You to give your children a hunger for true righteousness and to not be satisfied with merely looking righteous on the outside. Help us to live lives that testify of Your Grace to not only walk in forgiveness but to live a life watermarked by Your holiness. Show us how to surrender all of our life into Your hands. Raise the standards of what we thing is acceptable in our world. Show us what it truly means to be dead to sin but alive in Christ. May everything we do flow from Your love and Your truth. In the name of Jesus. Amen!


Don’t Go Silent My Truth-Speakers


In my time of prayer for the past few days I hear a deep cry within the heart of God for His truth-speakers…..Don’t Go Silent!!! I see the enemy wanting to intimidate these warriors into going mute because he knows they carry within their mouth LIBERTY for the captives!


What the Lord started to show me was that many of these leaders who carry a key of TRUTH and also carry the key (codes) of LOVE have seen the damage caused by others who carry the key (codes) of TRUTH but lack the key (codes) of LOVE which can be extremely HARSH. They have seen the condemnation and wounds that this brings and the LOVE part of them wants NOTHING to do with that so they quiet themselves a bit and put away their key of TRUTH in favor of only LOVE.  Jesus carried both codes. We need BOTH in order to carry His heart in it’s fullness. We cannot sacrifice either. This is what I hear Him saying to these warriors…

  My dear child, yes, you carry my TRUTH, BUT, you also carry My LOVE and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! This combination will open double locked doors which many have tried to open in people’s hearts, churches, neighborhoods and regions! You carry both TRUTH and LOVE and this combination is empowered by My Spirit and you will see captives set free BUT you must OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK! Do not bow to the fear of man in this season for the enemy knows how to use those closest to you to make you go mute. RESIST the urge to give up, walk away and retreat. NOW is the time to MOVE FORWARD IN MY SPIRIT AND LET FORTH YOUR SONG!! Be bold for I am with you! You never go alone! May My truth-speakers who carry both the codes for both TRUTH AND LOVE come forth and start unlocking those doors with combination locks!! LOVE PAVES THE WAY FOR TRUTH. Many of you have been frustrated because you used to be able to go through some of the doors you have been assigned to easily and without resistance and it seems suddenly the door is shut and bolted shut. This is because the door lock has been changed due to enemy interference and influence and you need to be re-calibrated in the secret place in order to receive the new codes and combination for that assigned doors. Sometimes it will be an upgrade of love and sometimes it will be an upgrade of truth that’s needed. The key is in who you are, with what I have designed into you, partnered with My spirit and NOT in your worldly logic and reasoning that will get you through that door. Open your mouth in the secret place and My river of LIVING WATER will flood you with all you need. Seek My heart and you will gain access to every door you are to enter, but the combination to the locks are found in my heart.


I also see many TEAMS arising to be able to open more combination locks in territories and regions and we already see this in some conferences when there is the right combination of gifting in speakers coming together to unlock doors together. Healing, restoration, glory, signs and wonders happen when the right combination needed at that moment or in that region is brought together. Embrace who God has made you, you are exactly as you are for HIS GLORY! Arise and shine and be ALL you were created to be!


Truth-speakers of LOVE and TRUTH arise and be heard!! Open your mouth and SPEAK what you are hearing and what you are sensing. Your VOICE is desperately needed to unlock doors, free the captives, change atmospheres, and push back the enemy lines!


Intruder Alert


I woke this morning with such a feeling of heaviness in my spirit over some tactics I sense the enemy is using to gain entry into Godly ministries. This word is a call to be alert to this so we will not allow him access.

I see many networks being formed to build community, support and accountability. These are amazing things, greatly needed right now, and very much on God’s heart. The danger I sense is that the enemy is wanting to invade these Godly inspired groups and turn them into Christian “gangs” through the spirit of elite-ism and intimidation sneaking into the middle of them.

When you think of a gang what do you think about? I think about exclusiveness, fierce loyalty, protection, control, intimidation, fear, pride, respect is demanded in the group and indifference for those on the outside. It’s like a family that scares you a little, especially the thought of having a different opinion than those in the group and maybe even a fear of what would happen to you if you left the group.

We must make sure this mentality does not gain access to our networks. We must maintain a pure flow full of love and truth with not even a hint of pride, condescension, or intimidation in ANYTHING that comes out of us whether it be spoken or written.

We are all looking for a place where we fit and a place to call home with people we can call family. We need each other. Family is a good thing to build but we must make sure Jesus is the chief cornerstone of that family. Jesus had the twelve disciples and they were very clear on who they were representing. Everything they did was to call attention to the One not to call attention to the group.

Our loyalty and allegiance needs to be to Jesus first and then to the group. We need to get our sense of identity, acceptance, value, and protection from Him. When we realize who we are in Christ first, then we will be able to stand with others without needing them to provide what we should be getting from Him. What happens if the group starts believing a lie. Will you discern it as a lie or will you blindly follow out of loyalty to the group?

If your loyalty is in Christ you won’t be shaken by any turn of events whether it be leaders faltering or church splits, etc.

May the loyalty in our lives be to Christ. May the protection we seek be found under the shadow of the Almighty. May the identity and sense of worth be found in our standing as a son/daughter of the King. May everything that proceeds from our mouth be for edification so that ALL may be blessed. May He be our vindicator when we’ve been wronged. May we take a firm stand for TRUTH and LOVE and fiercely protect those things. May we never lose sight that we are here to reunite people to their Father and His heart for them.

Our networks must be full of God’s love, truth, freedom, inclusiveness, humility, honesty, honor for all, edification, as well as accountability for everyone. These qualities will also be shown to both those in the group and those outside the group. It will be life giving and great growth will happen.

Let’s NOT give the enemy a foothold. Let’s kick all gang mentality out of the camp so we can have the true unity and grow together like God designed. Let’s maintain the purity of the flow from His heart to ours.