Generation X is Generation Intercession


I see everywhere around me young people (Millenials) who have felt disgusted by older people’s harsh religious mindsets that they wrongly associate with God’s truth. In their attempts to free themselves from the judgement they feel they run in the direction of love because they certainly don’t want to offend other people in the same way they feel offended by the older generations lack of love and fierce adherence to the truth. They are willing to sacrifice truth if it means running the risk of somebody not feeling loved by them. They feel that love and truth got a divorce and they had to choose who to live with so they chose love. They were not exposed to the freedom of pure Godly truth but of a man made version with all it’s pollution.

The thing is that Godly love does NOT say “do what you want as long as it makes you happy.” God’s love is wider spreading, it looks for the good of all involved, not just in a self serving way. It is accountable for its actions and is not passive in any way. God’s love is passionate and knows how to fight. It will not stand and watch as somebody dearly loved destroys themselves. It’s how it’s done that is important. There must not be any condemnation, control or intimidation associated with love or it is not God’s love.

The baby boomers and older, on the other hand, may have gone through their “make love not war” phase on their way to being an adult but most I’ve seen are now leaning in the direction of truth. The problem is that it’s not merely Godly truth, there is many cultural and spiritual factors that pollute with legalism, religiosity and control. They have misrepresented God’s truth and many don’t even know they are doing it. The struggles in life have tainted their view of love and in many ways they feel betrayed by love. Many struggle to feel the love of God so it’s hard to express that to others. Many have allowed bitterness into their hearts. They feel like they have to go with what they can count on and that’s truth so they end up sacrificing love in the process. In this divorce they chose to live with truth.

We tend to forget that Generation X is right in between the Millenials and the Baby Boomers. Many times this generation gets overlooked and not even remembered or mentioned when people prophesy. This is the generation I am a part of and God has been speaking to me about this generation for about three years. Generation X is God’s Generation Intercession. The “X” makes an intersection, it joins together in the middle. He showed me that this generation is a intersection of where love and truth meet. Most of the people from this generation are a nice blend of truth and love. They don’t judge and accept people for the most part but they also won’t hesitate to take a stand and fight for something they believe to be true.

This generation is holding hands with both the Millenials and the Baby Boomers. They are very good at being sign language interpreters between the two generations when there are communication problems because they see both perspectives. They understand the value of both truth and love and want them to work together through honoring each other for who they are. They dare the Boomers to value Godly love and they dare the Millenials to value Godly truth.

The world needs truth and love working together and Generation X is to be the “and” in truth and love. Godly truth’s goal must be love. (The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith – 1 Timothy 1:5).  Godly love’s goal must be truth. (Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth – 1 Corinthians 13:6). You, Generation X, are vital to blending the two into a mighty powerhouse for God’s glory. God is using you to remarry truth and love.  Lose the title of the “slacker generation” and rise into becoming an army of powerful intercessors you are called to be. Through prayer and relationship will help the Boomers to remove their tainted view of love and you will help the Millenials to remove their tainted view of truth.  Generation X is becoming Generation Intercession. X will definitely mark a spot that we need to visit along the way on this treasure map we are all following.


Think Again

I heard these words as I was resting in His presence today and this is what I sensed Him saying (first, about and then, directly to):

 There are many of my children who carry My heart but they have not fully renewed their minds. Their spirits believe for miracles while in their thoughts they have remnants of fear, doubt and unbelief. They have without realizing it stepped into “I’ll believe it when I see it” mindsets. I am challenging those mindsets because they are actually strongholds. They “think” they know My heart on an issue or area of their lives and I’m challenging them to THINK AGAIN. I am bringing a synchronicity between what they believe in their spirit and what they think in their minds. When there is divine synchronicity it opens the door to My divine synergy happening on the earth with the miracles, signs and wonders that they’ve been praying to happen. They need to stop being sin conscious and become syn conscious. (Syn- united, acting together)

I am bringing change to those very areas but you need to be thinking about what those areas look, feel and sound like as NEW, WHOLE, and HEALED so you will recognize it when it starts to happen. There are some things you have written off as impossible….THINK AGAIN! There are some areas where you think you know My will…..THINK AGAIN!  There are people, places and situations you have written off…THINK AGAIN! You think you know the way I will do things…THINK AGAIN! Allow My word and my spirit to wash your mind clean of everything that is not of Me. Allow me to remove the saboteur in your thinking and truly make it completely RENEWED. I’m giving you a NEW mind so you can THINK AGAIN!!

I Have a Dream for 2017


I HAVE A DREAM……I heard this in prayer this evening and it reminded me of Martin Luther King but this time it was The King of Kings speaking these words. His dream is to RESTORE AND CREATE in 2017.

I got a picture of the Lord with a vision board for EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH. These boards were created before any of us had even taken our very first breath. They are full of His dreams for our lives. Dreams full of LIFE, LOVE, AND GREAT ADVENTURES!!! He has a dream for every single area of our lives. I sensed He gets great joy from creating those dreams. He never loses sight of what is on those boards! The thing is He wants us to have the same dream.

The next picture I saw was of a large group of people sitting around struggling to do vision boards for their new year. I sensed great discouragement over disappointments that had caused these people to lose vision and to give up dreaming of a better tomorrow. There had been too many years of dryness in an area that they couldn’t imagine life growing there again. I also got the feeling that many had tried to “fix” things in their own strength without success.  I then heard the Lord whisper “Not by might, not by strength, but by My Spirit.” As He said this His breath moved over the people and I saw it removing the storm clouds of discouragement and hopelessness. I saw the people looking around in awe like they were able to “see” again as if for the first time!!! He had restored their vision!! They were now able to see further than the storm and straight into His heart for the dry areas!! Hope rushed in like a flood! There was a fresh revelation that we are to partner with God to bring forth the LIFE He had originally designed for our lives! He removed their limits to become LIMITLESS!

I saw the people start working their vision boards with their vision restored and I saw something amazing!  There was so much excitement now as they dreamed bigger than before. When they added a picture that matched one that God had on His for their life, it started to GLOW GOLD!!!! I sensed it was an “Amen” or a divine agreement and it started the ball rolling for it to actually happen on the earth!! Agreeing with Him was the key!  He wants to RESTORE you and all areas of your life back to His original dream!

The other thing He brought to my attention for 2017 is the scripture in Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

I realized that in addition to restoring the old, He is also challenging us to CREATE the new with Him!!! This very scripture is talking about creating things where they do not currently exist!! Sometimes we get so familiar with the terrain in our life that it’s hard to recognize little signs of growth that might happen because we aren’t expecting it. Shall you not know it?  It’s time to raise our expectation level to one of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!  The Creator of this world is daring us to dream His dream with Him, one that defies logic and reasoning!!! He will do it, we just need to believe He wants to do it!! We are being called to CO CREATE with our Creator!!

  2017 is a year to both RESTORE the old and CREATE the new!!!!!