Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into His Heart


I believe that 2017 will hold tremendous blessings for those who are willing to leave the safety of the shores and venture outside of their comfort zones. They may even find that they get lost along the way and that’s a really good thing. I believe He wants us to lose some things along the way. Specifically, I believe He wants us to lose our comfort zones and our comfort items. His main goal for our lives is NOT to make us comfortable even though many of us make our decisions based on what will bring the most comfort into our lives. We just don’t like to be uncomfortable.

I’m reminded of the movie The Truman Show when talking about comfort zones.  Truman was so used to living within the bounderies of his comfort zone that he was oblivious that he lived most of his life on an immense tv set. Great fear is used to keep Truman from venturing too close to the bounderies. It’s only through the most uncomfortable situations spurring questions that make him search for truth that brings freedom in the end. He found out there was MORE to life than what he was currently living. I believe many are feeling that same thing tug within their spirits right now.

Our comfort zone was never intended to be attached to the people, places, or things in our lives. There is such a thing as becoming too comfortable in life, to the point of entertaining apathy and passivity. Our comfort zone was, however, intended to be attached to the Holy Spirit who is called “the comforter” for a very good reason. The comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit is empowering and brings a security that spurs us forward in faith. There is nothing passive or apathetic about the comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit. He will not coddle you to sleep with your favorite security blanket.

Sometimes if He sees us getting too attached to people, He will have to orchestrate an earthly “abandonment”which is God’s version of an intervention. This is when ALL your earthly support people disappear for absolutely no reason at all. You are left standing there in bewilderment with questions and confusion swirling around you as you try to figure out what just happened.

Through the fog of new territory you havent walked before and with your heart breaking from what you believe to be a great betrayal from those closest to you, you find yourself safely tucked up onto the lap of Jesus.  His arms are wrapped tightly around you as he whispers “I love you” and for the first time you don’t need a person to tell you that in order for you to believe it for you are hearing it from the source of love Himself. You will notice from this place of intimacy you will start to hear His heartbeat.  As you listen to His heart you will start to understand His ways and at some point, without you even realizing it, you will find your hearts are insync.

The truth is that you haven’t been abandoned, you have been beckonedinto His arms and into His heart. What happens during this season is vital to your identity and to your destiny. The intimacy you will find will make all earthly intimacy pale by comparison. You will never go back to needing people in order to be comfortable again. Your comfort zone is found in His arms and He now has your permission to take you anywhere in the world He chooses because you now know He goes with you.

You are being trained to become comfortable in the places of discomfort. You will now carry comfort into the uncomfortable situations, you will bring peace into chaos, the light into the darkness, the life into the dead places, freedom to the captives, a love that casts out fear, healing to the sick, etc. You change the atmosphere by bringing Him into the room and He changes everything.

This is not a call for more of Him and less of me, it is a holy radical call for ALL of Him and none of me. As we completely die to self we will find our need for earthly comfort has also died. We will walk in a freedom that we have never known before. A freedom that will empower us to truly live as we venture out of our comfort zone and deeper into His heart.


Fire of God Meets Audacious Faith


The past few months I have had the story of Elijah and the prophets of baal  in 1 Kings chapter 18 come up in my spirit over and over. I’ve been praying about what it means and what I keep sensing is that Elijah had faith but not just any kind of faith.  I kept hearing in my spirit the word audacious. The definition of audacious is showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. That’s what Elijah had audacious faith.

I wasn’t very familiar with this story until this year and for those of you who don’t know the story here is Lori’s summary: It was really a showdown between God and a false god. The opposition had 400 on their side and Elijah had God. Elijah had this brilliant idea to reveal who the true God was and he instructed both teams to build and altar, lay a sacrifice on the altar but NOT to light it, and whoever’s God/god showed up and ignited their altar was truly the most powerful and mighty.  At this stage I’m already thinking Elijah had a courage and faith that I greatly admire.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Elijah then starts mocking the opposition telling them maybe they need to cry louder because maybe their god is sleeping! (side note: I get this crazy picture of Elijah as a WWE wrestler at this point). Elijah then dumps four pitchers of water all over his altar! He does this three timesThat’s a lot of water! He then waits around all day watching the opposition and their antics of trying to illicit a response from their god who turns out to be a no show. Then in the evening he starts praying for God to come and prove He is the one true God. You know what happens next? BOOM! Fire ignites Elijah’s altar and ALL the people around fall on their faces and worship God!!

Here’s the things that I believe God wants us to get revelation on from this story. First, Elijah was outnumbered by people, but he had God and that’s all he needed! We are NEVER outnumbered with God on our side! Second, Elijah was making sure it could only be God’s power that ignited that altar, he was making sure that he couldn’t get the glory for what happened. Elijah was making it impossible for man and only possible with God! Lastly, he was not shaken, not even once. He never wavered in his belief that God was going to come through in an amazing way! Elijah rocked in this story people!

It occurred to me that God calls us to be humble but He does not mind when we boast in Him and how big and powerful He is…that’s called FAITH! We must have spiritual eyes to see what He is doing in a situation and even if it defies logic, if He says to do it, we do it!  We must be OK with people thinking we are crazy. We must be fiercely obedient to our audience of One and not get distracted by critics or hecklers.

I believe we are being called to that kind of audacious faith once again. He is calling us to lay down those areas in our life that are completely soaked in water, the areas where it will have to be God because it looks impossible, the areas that are the most frustrating, the places that look dead, the areas we have given up on due to hope deferred…on the altar. Those rooms in your heart that are so messy that you keep the door locked? He wants you to unlock the door and put the contents of that room on the altar. These are the areas He wants to show His power through! He will ignite those areas with His life, love, healing, truth, restoration, and power. They will glow for all to see! He will give you a new song to sing!! A song of His fire! It will be a testimony of the fact that He is the ONE TRUE GOD and the people in your life will fall on their faces in repentance and worship!!!

  He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him.-Psalm 40:3

Pick up Your Sword

He’s given you a sword (the word of God) and now use it!!!! It takes tremendous courage to rise and stand in the face of fear and to start swinging with precision strikes of Truth.

You were never created to be a victim, you were created to be more than a conqueror!! Stop looking around for a person to save you, He’s already done that. He’s equipped you with everything you need to win through the power of the Holy Spirit. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!

 This is your time to take back ground stolen by the enemy. It may even be stolen ground from those in your family generations before your time. We all have our personal giants to slay.

This is the time to possess your inheritance but you must wield the sword of Truth to slay that giant standing before you. Let the Holy Spirit rise in you that declares NO MORE and refuse to turn around this time.

The key is finding the scriptures that apply to your situation and speak it out loud in prayer into the face of your enemy and watch him start to wobble and fall to the ground freeing you to walk on by. You will see yourself gain ground that you have never possessed before.

Remember you are NEVER alone. He goes with you and with Him ALL things are possible!

This is your time, this is your day and this might just be your finest hour!!! Fear not!!!

Freeing the Prisoner’s of War (POW)


I was asking the Lord in prayer this morning about what makes someone who used to communicate flawlessly with you ALL OF A SUDDEN feel like they are speaking a foreign language. He started to show me a tactic of the enemy to cause interference in our communication airwaves in this season. A wartime goal is always to breakdown communication between the opposing troops and their base and among the troops themselves. You can become a prisoner of war (POW) merely by tuning in to the wrong frequency, listening to the wrong voice that gives you wrong directions.

He showed me that many have gone through trying seasons where their frequency got changed without them even realizing it. We are to be tuned in to the frequency of the Holy Spirit but in times of trauma sometimes that gets switched to another frequency instead out of fear and many times it’s the frequency of a person we think holds the key to our happiness or safety. This will ultimately lead to a form of idolatry and is a major tactic of the enemy.

He reminded me of the term “Stockholm syndrome” which is when hostages develop empathy with their abductors and end up agreeing with their own captivity. They in essence make friends with their captor. This also applies to the people who are members of cults. They are free to go at any time but they have made an agreement with unhealthy leaders to the point that they don’t leave when they have the opportunity. They will even resent those trying to rescue them from these situations. They confuse control as being love. If they don’t feel controlled they don’t feel loved. They have become spiritual POW’s.

He showed me that in these situations the communication frequency gets switched to that of the captor instead of the Holy Spirit. Now people communicating on the Holy Spirit frequency are going to have problems understanding this person and vice versa. They are now listening to different frequencies. These people don’t realize that they are victims of a spiritual captor who’s intent is to NEVER free them so they can never accomplish their destiny. The goal is to keep you listening to the voice of your captor so you don’t hear the voice of your true Rescuer. Your captor will never be your friend no matter what it looks or sounds like and that’s the Truth.

God wants to free ALL POW’s whether or not they acknowledge they are being held captive. We need to look deeper into people’s eyes for there are many people trapped behind beaming smiles.

The Holy Spirit frequency is one of love, trust, faith, thinking the best, freedom, inclusion, abundance, humility, serving, fearless, bold, generous, kind, empathetic and compassionate, and full of truth. It’s the frequency of love!

The enemy’s counterfeit frequency is one of survival, mistrust, misunderstanding, cynicism, cold heartedness, exclusivity, pride, jealousy, selfishness, stinginess, striving, people pleasing, and leads to deception and bondage. It’s the frequency of fear.

He wants to change your frequency to align with the Holy Spirit. He wants you dependent on Him and not people. He holds the key to your identity, freedom, happiness, contentment, joy and purpose. Your captor does not hold these keys no matter what he promises you.

Father God, I lift up everyone reading this and ask You to move in their lives to align their hearts, eyes, ears, and will with Yours. I ask You to bring to the surface any deception that they have been believing as truth. Please forgive us for entertaining any voices that were not Yours. We are asking You to free all POW’s that have been captured during battle in this spiritual war. We release our airwaves to You and ask Yours to be the ONLY voice we hear. We want to receive and transmit on the frequency of LOVE. Scramble all counterfeit voices transmitting from the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus. We put ALL trust in You for You can be trusted with our hearts, lives and ALL we hold dear to us!!! In Your mighty name Jesus! Amen.