Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!!



 Now I know very little about car racing so I think it’s funny God would use this analogy with me. What I do know about racing is that during the race the cars must have periodic stops into “the pit” to get their tires changed and get all fueled up and this whole thing happens in like 10 seconds!!!! Thank you Lord that we have more than 10 seconds to get tuned up!  I do, however, believe we are being accelerated in this season and I sense the Lord saying it is crucial to have discernment as to who we allow onto our personal pit crews as it’s coming time to push the pedal to the metal!!!!

 You were never intended to finish this race alone. You need your own personal pit crew to count on. You’re gonna need people’s help, but not just anybody’s help. You need to be able to trust these people with your life. You need to be able to believe that they have your best interest at heart and truly desire to see you finish well. You do not need people on your team who are nice to your face but secretly sabotaging you behind your back. They should be people who’s character has been tested in the fire and come out gold. They need to be honest and fully committed to seeing you succeed.

 The fun thing is that the people who are on your pit crew might just be the ones you are also supporting on their pit crew! There are people in your life who have been divinely planted there by God in order to see you succeed and for you to see them succeed! It’s a team! You will celebrate one another’s wins and console one another during the losses. The Holy Spirit is the pit crew Chief and you want to know that everyone on your crew getting their instructions from Him and Him alone. He wants you to have people around who bring out the best in you. You need people to help fuel you up through prayer and encouragement. You need people who will help change your tires when you start slipping and need better traction. If you are out of alignment you need those who will bring balance into your life. Those iron sharpening iron relationships are vital in this race as there is no room for “yes” men/women on your crew.

 He is in the process of building our pit crews around us. There may be changes happening that you don’t understand. There may have been people on your crew that were there out of wrong motives and needed to be removed. It’s OK. I promise. The right ones are coming. There will be an inner sense when you meet someone who is supposed to be on your crew. They will be the people who make your spirit leap and dance. There will be a deep knowing that they are somehow a part of your future and there to rally you onward and upward. He knows who we need in our lives in order to become who we were created to be from the very beginning of time and we need to trust Him in the positioning process.

 So who’s on your pit crew????

Time for a Pit Stop


An area that God has been bringing to my attention lately is a faulty mindset of waiting to be in desperate need of something before reaching out and grabbing the provision. For example, I usually wait until my gas light comes on in my car before I fill up. I also don’t eat until I’m pretty hungry. I also tend to not clean the house spotless until I know company is coming over.  It’s a mentality of not doing something until you absolutely need to do it. I don’t think I’m the only one effected by this kind of procrastination.

I believe there is also a spiritual procrastination that I see happening in many of us and it’s keeping us from having the confidence, strength, and resiliency that He wants us to have. What has been “good enough” in the past is not going to cut it in this next season. There are many of us out there who hear Him whispering right now and it is a call to “grow up”, or “go up” and mature in Him.

It is time for us to do things intentionally simply because it is good for us. We need to proactively choose to maintain our spiritual health instead of trying to get back into shape after days, weeks, months, or years of neglect.

He desires intimacy with us, everyday. We should not wait until our gas tanks get low to fill up again.  This is NOT a time to be living off fumes. We need to read His word daily to strengthen us to the truth and renew our minds instead of waiting until we are starving for it. We also need to clean daily by allowing the Holy Spirit to expose anything in us that needs discarded. Sometimes we need to simply allow Him to rearrange our priorities to align with His.

We are not children who should pout at the thought of taking vitamins, eating healthy and working out when we know it will produce better health and vitality. We need to apply it to our spiritual health as well.

He is saying ENOUGH to childish ways of thinking and acting. We are more than conquerors in Christ and it’s time to think, feel and act like it! Conquerors do not wait to be told what to do. Conquerors do not wait for somebody else to do something they are capable of doing themselves. Conquerors know what they need to do daily to maintain their good mental and physical health. They know they need to be good shape, fueled up, and ready to go at a moments notice. You never know you could be called to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

Closet Cleaning – Making Room for the New


Every season I cringe when I think of needing to go through my clothes and put away or give away the things that are not going to be used in the coming season. It seems overwhelming to me to open that closet and stare at the clothes with the feeling of not knowing where to begin. What usually starts this process is getting new clothes and not having enough space for them. As you can probably tell by now this is a spiritual parallel to what is happening in the spirit. This can apply to people or things in our lives. I have broken it down into the following categories:

Seasonal– These are the clothes that can only be worn in the current season such a sweaters or swimsuits. You know that you will wear them again but just not right now. These things go into storage. There are somethings in your life that are good things but you don’t see how they work into the current season because they are definately tied to a defined area of your life that is not currently functioning. These are the areas that you see no life in but just as with flowers, they will bloom again eventually.

 Trendy– These are the clothes that are very current and fun to wear but may not be in fashion next year. You also put these into storage to be re evaluated again next year. These are the things in your life that make a big impact.  The caution here is to not get too attached to the way He currently moves that you fail to be open to how He will move in the future. Stay open to the new expressions He wants to bring you.

 Outgrown/Out of fashion– These are the clothes that you loved dearly but because you have changed with the passing of time, they no longer fit you. They may be tied to a certain place and time and once held sentimental value but they stand out awkwardly in today’s world. These get given to charity or passed onto someone else who will put them on and be pleased with how well they fit or enjoy the “retro” vibe to them. It’s good to have memories but not ones that make you constantly look behind you. Learn to embrace change because He has promised that if you love Him, He will work ALL things together for you good.

 Damaged/Worn Out – There are some clothes that you have loved and worn so much that they have acquired holes or stains along the way. You must decide the value of these items to decide if it’s worth trying to fix or not. It may just take some bleach or some needle and thread to restore the item back to it’s formal glory. There may be some things in your life that you think are so damaged that you need to discard them, but maybe all it takes is a little love and care shown to restore them. Remember something that’s tarnished just needs time spent with some cleaner to be restored to it’s original beauty. Remember that with God ALL things are possible. We need wisdom to care about what He cares about and to discard what He says to discard. We musn’t get them confused.

 Classics/Foundational pieces– These are the clothes that will last the long haul. They are well made and can be worn in any season no matter what is trending. They might not be a flashiest clothes or the ones that make you smile but you can count on them year after year. They bring out the best in you. This is your identity at it’s core. You are dearly loved and fearfully and wonderfully made. You have been born with certain gifts that are unique to you. This is the foundation of whatever else gets put on top of it. No matter what season you find yourself in, who you are does not change and your status as a child of the King will not change.

I believe the Holy Spirit is helping many of us go through our closets and helping us throw out what no longer fits our life. He is helping us make room for the new He has for us. He wants to fill our closet with classics as well as a few new gifts that are there simply because He loves to see us smile. Don’t hold to old ways of thinking and trying to make your life fit it again. Even if you need to start working out more or eating more healthy, He will give you new updated clothes in perfect timing to fit your new lifestyle. In His kingdom it is all about expanding.  He is changing you for His glory and you’ve grown, don’t look back! He has new clothes that will fit where you are headed and you will dazzle and shine like never before. It will take discernment and wisdom for you to know what to keep and what to discard. Remember He will be with you every step of the way. He says OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!


A Word for Emerging Prophets

I opened my eyes this morning instantly aware of His love and encouragement swirling in my spirit. I feel He wants to encourage His prophets emerging from the caves this morning. This is what I hear Him saying:

I have been there for every step of your journey. Through the high times when your heart danced and loved freely, to the low times of having those you trusted with all your heart turn their backs on you. I have experienced it all with you for we are one. It was vital that you went through those things because it was all part of Me holding your close and molding you into a true son/daughter for My glory.

 You had come to the point in life where you didn’t really care what strangers thought of you, but you cared way too much what people you loved thought of you. When they went through their own struggles it effected the way they saw you and you let it effect the way you saw yourself.  It gave them a subtle power over you that was not of Me. It made you stop speaking. It silenced you.  I have freed you of that and made you whole heartedly Mine. I have made you dependent on Me for your identity and worth instead of people. There will never again be a question as to which way to turn because a human voice from someone you love is telling you something contrary to My voice. You have learned a fierce obedience to My voice. You have learned that discernment is real and that when you feel a check in your spirit there is good reason for it.

  Here is a key, the people you can trust will be the people who see and hear Me in you, value you, and honor you as a person. They will fight for you and you will fight for them. I will send them to you to affirm the treasure that I’ve put inside you. They will also be the iron sharpening iron relationships who will dare to tell you what you don’t want to hear sometimes, but it will be spoken out of true love for you and wanting you to rise to be all your were created to be.

  If you come across anyone who tries to pull you away from Me, does not value your gifting, or tries to silence you….this is not of Me. People have used you for their own gain out of selfish motives and My heart has been grieved by it. The battle you faced was not with flesh and blood but with the demonic effecting people you love. Do not take it personally because that is permitting the demonic to have an effect on you too. Pray for those who are captive. You must be 100% free in order to fight effectively for them. I have much in your future and it’s not found looking behind you.

 There is a very real enemy who wants you to stay silent because he knows what you carry is of Me. I want to expand the kingdom with you. Rise up warrior and lose the shackles of the past. I have called you…. I affirm you…. I love you!!! That’s all you need to know. Now go forth in love, open your mouth and I will fill it.

Time for a New Projector


There is an art form called “projection mapping” in which an image or video is projected onto a building or structure by a projector. The image or video is usually set to music and can be quite breathtaking and beautiful. You forget for the time being that there is a building underneath the image that you are currently seeing.

It was revealed to me in prayer this morning that THIS is something the enemy is using right now as a tactic to cause unrest and division between people groups.

 The enemy is effectively projecting a distasteful image upon others and it’s causing a reaction. The thing is….the image is the illusion, not the building/person underneath. People are getting focused on, and reacting to, something that isn’t even real. It’s all based on what you think you see and not based on what is truly there. Many times it’s based on rumors we have heard. It’s like watching a bad movie being played on someone’s face every time you talk with them. The temptation is to start watching the movie and forget the person. I see many of you have been on the receiving end of this tactic and it has caused great pain and division in your life and even made you question yourself.

The Holy Spirit showed me that He is smashing the deceptive projector!!!! He is ripping the veil of deceit off of your life today! There will be NO MORE negative spiritual projection mapping onto your life and destiny from this day forward!! His plans are VOIDED!

He is also doing a deep healing in your heart from being misjudged in the past and cleansing your spiritual eyes so you will see others clearly and through HIS eyes of PURITY and LOVE!!

He is giving us a NEW PROJECTOR!!! One that is based on HIS LOVE, PURPOSE, DESTINY, and PEACE! We will see THOSE things projected on the people around us and it’s our job to tell them the GLORY of what we see in all it’s WONDER!! That’s what the purpose of the prophetic voice is all about, to tell the world the good/the God we see projected onto all of it!!!

Come With Me


  The United States right now is kind of like a marriage with both parties feeling misunderstood and it’s causing great fear which turns to anger. We need to take our eyes off of ourselves and try to understand the other person’s perspective. We need to allow God’s love and compassion to overwhelm all else. People who feel loved and valued do not lash out in anger. He is our role model as to how to love and dispel fear in the people around us.

  He is so gentle in His approach to our fears. I was thinking about how some of our approaches to fear lean on the unhealthy side of life. Long ago a popular way of teaching kids to swim was to throw them in the deep end and let them flail their way to survival. Crazy huh? Nowadays parents are comfortable with allowing their child to not even go near a pool because they are afraid. This doesn’t work either because they are surrendering to the fear and it is not being conquered. Conquering the fear must always be the end goal. Facing your fear unequipped or avoiding it altogether are not the solutions to this problem.

  I see another way here. The way of empathy and compassion partnered with a warrior like determination. This is what God does with us and what we should be doing with each other.

  He gently takes us by the hand and He listens to all our fears and then says “Come with Me” and He walks us over to the water and sits down on the edge of the pool and encourages us to do the same. He tells us He understands why we are fearful but there is nothing to fear because He is with us. He challenges us to merely stick out toes in, so we do. Not bad. Kinda refreshing. He says He will hold us in the water. Our choice is whether or not to trust Him that we won’t go under. When we take that courageous step and let go of the wall and let go of all sense of earthly safety, that  is when He hold us firmly in His arms and we realize for the first time that the water is …absolutely delightful. He shows us how to stay afloat and it’s suddenly not scary anymore. We have faced our fear and learned to actually enjoy the water.

  This is what we need to do with each other. When there are differences which cause anxiety we need to say “Come with me” and sit down and listen to each other. We need to sit there and allow compassion and empathy to rise within us. We need to try to understand where the other person is coming from and to try to see how their piece of the puzzle fits with ours. We need to begin to erase the fear that is present by walking each other out of fear and into a place of honoring each other as a dearly loved son or daughter of the King. 

  When we can come to the point where differences intrigue us and makes us draw closer instead of pulling away we will be walking with wisdom, humility and towards the unity that God wants us to have with each other. We need each other and differences make us richer and the tapestry of our lives more beautiful.

Make Way for the Wild Card Warriors


God is using His people to penetrate strongholds in regions, territories and families. Sometimes it takes someone from “outside” of a situation to “see” what is causing the problem. These outsiders are God’s wild card warriors!!

These wild card warriors will NOT be walking in a critical spirit even though it may appear that way at first. They will, however,  be walking in a rich gift of discernment. Some of them might not be taken seriously at all because of their lack of following the traditions of man. They will however be FULL of Holy Spirit FIRE strategically sent with sniper like NIGHT vision to see/discern where the enemy agents have invaded the camp.

They are sent with specific orders to eradicate the enemy from people and places even when those in the family, region, or territory are unaware of/blinded to, it’s very presence. They have had specialty training to “sniff out” specific demonic spirits and how to disarm and banish each one of them from the person, region, or territory.

These wild card warriors will NOT have ANY ground in them that the enemy can use to make itself invisible in their presence. In fact, the presence of the warriors will actually cause the enemies to expose themselves, show their hand, and to render them powerless. This will restore humility, honor and unity among the troops. I see these warriors setting people free and setting people on fire!!!

If the enemy knows a warrior is being sent into an area I sense another tactic will be to send fear and suspicion to cause judgement of these outsiders as an attempt to discredit and silence them. The enemy will either cause harsh judgement based on how they look or on how they act. Neither is a true reflection of the wisdom they carry or the expertise level of their gifting. We cannot afford to judge through the eyes of religiosity right now or we will fall into a very carefully planned enemy trap. Do not turn away God’s provision just because it doesn’t come in the form you were expecting. We don’t want to miss our liberation because of our restricting human reasoning.

 1 Corinthians 1:27- But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
(in other words, it might just be the jokers of this world that are the wild card)

 Wild card warriors will not look typical in any way. They will not blend in and they weren’t created to. The power they will carry will not be hindered by the opinions of mere men. They have been formed through trials that built endurance and strength. They have been birthed with a heart for intercession. There is fierce call inside them to fight for truth and justice, but they know the battle is to be fought in the spirit. They may also have a completely childlike silliness to them at times which tends to catch people off guard. They were created this way for His glory. There is nothing about this group that desires glory for themselves, it’s ALL about HIM!!!

I see many of these warriors unlocking jail cells and freeing the captives inside, and blowing on them as they leave the cells the holy fire of God falls on them and ignites them for His glory!! This will start a holy wildfire!!!

We need to stay open to outsiders instead of guarded and fearful of their differences for they may just be carrying the key to free us and the match to ignite us, our families, our churches, regions and territories.

You will be FREED from the outside in and then IGNITED from the inside out!