Fighting in the Right Realm


  I hear a wake up call sounding for the people of God!!! You have been fighting in the wrong realm. This battle is not with other people it is against rulers and principalities and powers of this dark world. (read Ephesians 6:12)

There is a difference between confidently conveying your views and getting caught in self defense mode. Self defense is always founded in fear. The world tells us we need to protect what we hold dear so we build walls around us to keep us safe. We buy security systems, take self defense courses and buy handguns.

It is good to know how to handle an actual attack if it comes, but we shouldn’t let fear put us in a continual state of “pre attack” viewing everyone around as a potential threat to our security. It will break down our relationships because it’s hard to truly love someone when we are living in a guarded state.

Many of you have gone through tremendous loss which makes you feel helpless and defenseless. Taking things into your own hands comes quite natural and we become fighters, but we are fighting in the wrong realm. He wants to heal those deep wounds and to be your protector and vindicator.  He is beckoning you to come under His wings. He wants you to wholeheartedly trust Him so you can wholeheartedly love others. He wants you to trust Him to be your security system.

The enemy has gotten us distracted fighting each other instead of him. He is the one behind all the pain, fear, gossip, jealousy, control, manipulation an intimidation we see around us right now. You want to fight?

TAKE IT OUT ON THE ENEMY and not the people around you.

Breaking down unity, compassion and understanding is the enemy’s chief objective. DON’T LET HIM WIN!! Take a firm stand in the spirit AGAINST division, misunderstanding and deception. Take a stand in the spirit FOR unity, understanding and truth. This is where you can fight as the warrior you are called to be!

Bottom line, we are called to LOVE one another here on earth and fiercely fight it out in the spirit. Let’s not get the two realms confused.


Worldly Love VS Godly Love

  This morning in prayer I was crying out to the Lord to soften my heart back up and to fill me with His love so I can love those around me. He answered me by saying “Am I not already doing this?”

As I thought about that question I realized that He WAS doing it, but it didn’t LOOK or FEEL like what I thought it would. He started to show me that I have always associated love with dependency. I “loved” the people I needed and couldn’t live without. We have been brainwashed by media to believe this is love from the time we were children.

  I started to see that what I thought was love all my life wasn’t Godly love at all, that was neediness and dependency. So in this season of feeling like my love has dried up it is really simply the fact that my neediness and dependency has turned to needing Him in order to survive and be happy and NOT dependent on the people in my life.

That frees me up to truly LOVE the people around me in a supportive but not dependent kinda way. The opposite is also true. We want people to be dependent at that core level on HIM and not us. He will exchange that neediness with a strength in Him that is unshakable. He actually answered my prayer!

I pray for all those who are feeling unloved today because the people who you depend on are letting you down right now. It feels like abandonment but it’s NOT!! It is Him giving you an invitation to be dependent on Him. It’s a call to greater intimacy with Him.

Shift that dependency onto the One who desires and deserves it and realize that through Him you can stand, fight and thrive on your own. He wants an army who will obey His voice only, fully understand their individual capabilities and skills but also understand and thrive working as a COHESIVE (closely united) team.

He desires a FULLY functioning body. You need to have each part of the body HEALTHY and fully FUNCTIONING in order to be able to move CONFIDENTLY and UNHINDERED with all the other body parts.

Yield to the process and You will see that you truly can do ALL things through Christ strengthening you!!!

Changing the Spiritual Climate Starts with You


In this season it is so important to surround yourself with people who affirm, value, and encourage the gift that God has placed within you. Sometimes the people you believe will always “get” you, simply won’t. Many times it’s not the people themselves as much as the spiritual environment around them that causes deception so they are unable to receive you.

You must understand there is great animosity in the spirit from the enemy for those who are actively walking in the call to free the captives, expose enemy plans, and to usher in Truth.

  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.- Eph 6:12

When you start messing with principalities and territorial spirits I guarantee you will be openly attacked or simply disregarded by people, both are tactics of the enemy. Much like exposing dysfunction in a family the tendency is to want to defend the “norm”, or to go into denial that there is even a problem at all. If we have the same tendencies we will tend to not see the problem as a problem. This is also true in the spirit. Denial leads to deception.

We must make sure the enemy has no ground to stand in our own lives. This means we need to be willing to take a gut wrenching and honest look in the mirror at ourselves if we want our families and regions to be healthy.

Just like in dysfunctional families, people who have grown up in an area may not realize or pick up on what is “funky” in the spiritual atmosphere. We tend to not see the dysfunction for what it is. Those that do see it and try to address it are usually seen as boat rockers. This coupled with the fact that “no prophet is welcome in their hometown” means it usually takes an outsider to openly address the spiritual dysfunction.

I see much movement coming to the church. People will travel among the churches depositing specific truths needed that will dispel the lies. I’ve always  believed that it will take cross pollinating among all churches in order to be whole for the very reason that people want to deny truth especially if the lie believed is generational.

If we truly want God to heal our land, society, we must ask the Holy Spirit (with true humility) to expose if the enemy has any land in us that we have unknowingly handed over to him. Repent of anything the Holy Spirit shows you. Don’t be surprised if things you have never thought of as being wrong suddenly seem very wrong. He cares about little things like gossip, lying, pride, greed, selfish ambition. Fear and control are big ones I have found because many people are taught it is a form of love. Break any alliances made with the enemy that relinquished the land and TAKE IT BACK.

He must be Lord over ALL of us if we are going to be able to wield our sword with the skill and authority needed in the days ahead. We don’t want the enemy to have any Trojan horses headed for our camp that can cause problems down the line.

We were created to set the spiritual temperature around us. It must first start within us!