Spiritual Pride and It’s Blindness


Yesterday I started to research what spiritually causes relational breakdown when there is really no actual cause for it. The answer I found was the spirit of Leviathan, and before you possibly stop reading due to me bringing up spiritual warfare, let me say “denying the spirit realm doesn’t make it any less real” and  “We perish due to a lack of knowledge”.  I know there are many who don’t want to face the fact that there are spiritual entities who can really cause interference in our lives but it’s true. Even when we are not consciously inviting them to affect us, they can. When we are living right and following the path to our destiny it is especially true. I don’t believe we should give them any more attention than needed though. I believe we have FULL authority over them. The only authority they have is what we unknowingly give them. I actually only address these things when I am forced to encounter them.

What I found from my research is that Leviathan is responsible for many church splits, divorces, family, friendship and ministry breakdowns. It is the source of gossip and slander. It breeds through murmurings.  It’s sneaky and works behind the scenes and not out in the open.  It targets those coming together in powerful ways to see the kingdom come and brings division. It has a radar for the glory of God and anywhere that is present, it will try to cause disunity.  It causes tremendous communication issues and twists what is heard to cause offenses or what is said will cause unbearable spiritual pain (like a burn) without anything wrong actually being said. It will feel  like there is a huge problem and it is utterly unfix-able, in fact,  many attempts to fix it will make things worse because of the communication issue. It will feel like what used to be really easy and life giving is now incredibly hard and draining. This spirit will build a case against the person/people that is not founded on any actual truth what so ever, just the illegitimate “proof” birthed out the gossip and murmurings, and we will wholeheartedly believe it. It will make us want to give up and walk away and thus walking away from the divine purpose of the relationships. This is exactly this spirit’s main objective, to make our will more important than His will. I found it interesting that the root of Leviathan is spiritual pride. We all feel that our perspective is 100% the right one but we must always stay teachable and willing to have our minds changed on an issue if God wants to change it.

When I was done reading and watching  Cindy Jacob’s video on this spirit I realized that we cannot walk around thinking we are immune or not affected by this spirit, as this is the very definition of pride. Now I’ve known for years that I have the gift of discernment and can usually see what others don’t but this one has evaded my detection for years.  I can honestly say that I have not come up against anything this strong in the spirit before. All I heard my daddy say was…

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty”. – Zechariah 4:6

This sent me straight to my knees as I cried out to have Him remove any spiritual pride that is residing in myself. Isn’t that always where it needs to start? Even when we know what we know to be true, if that puffs us up in a self righteous way, it’s ugly to him and He will resist it. We must make sure our confidence does not stray into pride. It’s time for a heart check. We are to set our face like a flint but it’s against the enemy, NOT against the people in our lives if they disagree with us or misunderstand us. We must take a stand to believe the best of people, give them the benefit of the doubt and try to understand their perspective and to discover/rediscover the common ground between us all. We need to fight this on the right realm.

 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Ephesians 6:12

Before we start pointing fingers in any direction it need to begin with us.  As we humble ourselves these things that feed off of pride will lose their grip on us and our loved ones. We need to repent and then take a firm stand against anything running interference in our relationships. There should be no room for anything divisive….just humility and love.

Colors, Sounds, and Tastes of Heaven


I believe we are walking into a season where we allow God fully out of the box and show us things we’ve never seen before. He has great mysteries to show us. I believe that each of us carries colors, sounds, and tastes that are unique to our spiritual DNA and we are releasing them wherever we go like a spiritual SWAT team sent in to bring love and  freedom to the captives.

It was about five years ago that somebody told me after church that when I worship danced they could see streamers of colors flying off my fingers and being released into the atmosphere. I’ve had others say that it ushers in the presence of God and is intercession without words. I’m so intrigued by the idea of intercession through dance. It’s truly not tainted by words.  Moving and dancing in the spirit is like praying in the spirit.

Color – I also believe each of carries a unique color in the spirit. Some colors we haven’t seen here on earth yet. They are all BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful! He is painting a masterpiece with us. He knows how to combine colors in such a way that make people stand in awe of Him and His artistry. We can’t just surround ourselves with people who are the same color as us. We need the diversity to truly reflect Him. He is so colorful!

Sound – We each carry a sound or tone that is unique to us.We are called to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and we don’t have to be a musician to play our tone. We play it just by being who we are called to be! He is making a symphony with us without us even being aware of it. He knows which tones makes certain principalities flee in specific areas. Certain tones can break strongholds in people’s lives. He brings us together to play music to make Him smile AND make the enemy run for cover!

Taste – We are to taste and see that the Lord is good. We are all ingredients and each one is unique and valuable. I see God making a holy recipe and He knows what He needs in it to show the world His love. He will direct you with exactly the where and when you are to be somewhere in order to show His glory to this world!  You carry a taste that is unlike anyone else on the earth. He knows where salt is needed and He knows where sugar is needed. We need to trust the ingredients that He’s put in our lives. He knows what He’s creating!

These things are all part of our spiritual DNA. It’s like our spiritual fingerprint.  Nobody can duplicate who we are and we are ALL needed to play our sound, show our color, and to add our taste into this world. It’s all a part of His plan of bringing heaven to earth. There is no room for jealously in this place. We are all VITALLY important to the painting, orchestra and recipe. All these things bring glory to who is truly worthy of ALL our praise, the Artist, Conductor and Chef. We are to reflect His beauty, His creativity and His love!!

I believe we are heading into a season of expecting the unexpected and the impossible being possible with miracles abounding and I have the feeling it’s gonna BLOW OUR MINDS!

My Imperfectly Perfect Life


As a little girl I had hopes and dreams of how my life would go. My dream did not inlcude large chunks of my life, the parts that make me ask “what the?” I have always played by the rules and a lot of my frustrations in life were realizing that playing by the rules didn’t necessarily mean a happy ending was guaranteed. It is hard sometimes to find my place and my voice in a sea of voices within the christian sphere who apparently have the perfect life, the perfect husband with the perfect kids. See, my life is NOT like that and I have NO desire to project an illusion of perfection to anyone in this world. That is when God spoke to me and said “That’s your platform; truth, transparency, authenticity and the courage to speak up about your lack of perfection….you are imperfectly perfect to Me”. The truth is that no matter how imperfect my world can be I stand perfectly righteous before my King.

If anyone is in Christ he is a NEW creation, the old has passed away and the new has come (2 corinth 5:17)

It was an “aha” moment for me. I knew I had already de activated my Instagram for that very reason. I was tired of people wanting to convey just the best parts of their life as being ever day reality. To be honest I am far more interested in rawness, the messy and the honest. That is where true connection with people is birthed and maintained. I think it’s also where our relationship with God starts too. It’s simply time to get real with each other and trust that our imperfection won’t send people running in the opposite direction.

What I’m finding is that I am far from alone. People are not perfect. Don’t believe it no matter how amazing the picture. I have become very suspicious of those of us who try to appear perfect because if they are trying that hard that usually means somethings falling apart somewhere in their lives. The only thing they feel they can control is how you view them. I’ve been around enough to know what you see isn’t what you get a lot of the time. Good or bad, what we think initially when we meet someone is not usually accurate. We need to teach ourselves to look deeper than the surface. Some people who appear rough are actually teddy bears on the inside, and some of the friendliest people I’ve met are actually kinda mean once you get past the surface layer. When did it become so threatening to be real with people about what we are really feeling and thinking? When did it become unacceptable to be seen as less than perfect in the eyes of the world? Who are we living to please…God or man?

There is a whole subset of people out here in the world who have tried their best to live honestly, loving to the best of their ability and we still have homes with addictions and abuse in them. Through no fault of their own life has taken some crazy turns on them.  There are marriages where wives did their best trying to find a Godly man but now find themselves carrying all the spiritual weight for the family anyway, and they are weary. There are newlyweds who aren’t going to make it to their one year anniversary  due to betrayal and they are overwhelmed with sadness. There are young adults who are trying with everything within them to get off drugs and they are  almost hopeless.  There are single parents doing their best to raise good kids and the kids are fighting their leading tooth and nail and they are frustrated. There are little kids who want to be bigger so that they matter and their voice counts. There are singles out there who feel like they are less than normal because they aren’t married and they feel impatient. We have married people who feel less than normal because they don’t have kids and they feel empty. We have widows who feel less than normal because their mate died and they feel alone. There are many more situations where things didn’t turn out like we had hoped and it can bring a deep sense of devastation and make you feel like a freak.


What do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we pictured it in our minds? What happens when your left with what is, once you dare to look past what isn’t? This is where some people make drastic changes like; running away, start drinking, contemplate suicide, get divorced, have affairs. What if you dare to imagine that God didn’t make a mistake by giving you the life you have? What if He somehow knew the big picture while we are only holding a piece of the puzzle? What if the challenges you face are to make you stronger and to bring out more of Him in your life? Do we trust Him? I mean REALLY trust Him? He is the God of the impossible right? He is the author of ALL of those amazing “underdog becomes victor” stories in the bible isn’t He?  What if we don’t let the greatest frustrations in our lives drive us away from Him, but instead, drive us straight into His arms?

Can we please try to be more authentic, relatable, and have more compassion for the people who don’t fit the norm? There’s lots of us out there. Let’s stop the segregating people by every way imaginable (age, sex, social status) and start uniting them instead.  These are people who love God, we are anointed, and He LOVES us and has a purpose for our lives.  We need to know there is a place for people like us in your churches and in your hearts. Can we expand our ability to love without condescending stares when our kids act up, without looks of disgust when a drug addict walks in our churches, and please lose all your gossip brilliantly disguised as “discernment”? These are the leaders of tomorrow.  I think there is a richness that is hidden deep inside these “off the grid” kinds of people.  Are we willing to look deeper?

Let’s hunt for it like we’re hunting for gold shall we?

Called to be Palm Trees


I awoke this morning with the excited feeling I get when a storm is coming. I simply LOVE the winds swirling around me when a storm is brewing.  I realized this morning that I’m sensing something swirling in the spirit.

I believe there is a coming storm and we are NOT to fear it, but we are to look forward to what it will accomplish. This is a refining storm. Storms clear the atmosphere. They remove debris. Don’t fear the expectation of damage your imagination and thought processes create, it’s simply an ILLUSION, it’s a simple distraction attempt. Don’t fall for it.  That’s part of the debris that’s being cleared in our hearts and minds.

This storm is a GOOD thing!  We are NOT to focus on the storm with all it’s lightening and wind gusts, but on the SON/sun beyond the storm. HE/It never stops shining. There is great purpose to the storm I see coming. He is removing things that hinder us in our minds and emotions. The thing to remember while it’s raging  is that the storm WILL NOT last forever!  NO storm is permanent!

I wanted to share a poem I had written a week ago:

Do not fear

the winds of change

Turn towards them

Embrace them.

Allow yourself

To dance within their gusts

Like a deeply rooted palm tree

In all it’s wisdom.

 We are called to be like the palm trees which get stronger and stronger through the swaying while the wind is blowing and doing it’s best to intimidate.  Palm trees have roots that go DEEP. The roots anchor the tree. They grow straight UP without any hindrances, without heavy branches growing out of them that get tangled with other trees. They thrive in hot climates. They don’t wither or shrink back and neither should we.  We were created to take the heat and weather the storms people!  No need to fear the storms of life at all!  We are stronger than we know!  I promise you it will be worth it!  Keep your eyes looking on the horizon for the rainbow (His promises)!!!


What Is Your Default Mode?


I received insight this morning that we all have a default mode that we function from, and revert back to, at times and that default mode is either going to be looking for the GOOD or looking for the BAD in the person, situation or place. When you first meet someone new is your instinct to smile and trust they are good?, or, be suspicious and guarded until they prove trustworthy?  How we approach people makes all the difference on our experience. Society, neighborhoods, churches, law enforcement, government, it just doesn’t matter where you find yourself it will still be the same question of

What am I looking for? the GOOD or the BAD? the LOVE or the HATE?

I am so glad that my father taught me to LOVE people. I believe this is the most vital quality that we need in order to thrive in this world. He would talk to anyone in line at the grocery store and everywhere else we went, and it was genuine, he LOVED people. I also remember watching a talk show when I was a teenager and there were parents on the stage quite proudly proclaiming that they were raising their children to be racist. I was horrified. These were people just ten years older then me and I simply could not wrap my mind around wanting to pollute the next generation with hate. I wanted to believe we would outgrow those kinds of beliefs and teachings with the passing of time.

We all have been in situations that shake our belief that people are good but if we allow  a situation to pollute out view, and we generalize it to ALL people, that’s when we step into crucifying a people group and making them EVIL in our minds.That leads to justifying treating them horribly and all the things we see currently on the news. It breeds division, mistrust, suspicion and a host of other nastiness.


We have just as many good interactions with people. It just seems that those don’t have the impact that the bad interactions have with some people. If we have a default of “bad” we will  expect bad and see the positive interactions as “flukes” and discredit them. If we have a default of “good” we will expect good and if we get bad then the bad is the “fluke” and we will try to use empathy and compassion to try to understand the other person’s perspective.

We will find whatever we are looking for and I pray that we become a people who are looking for the good in all people and in all things. After all we are supposed to overcome evil with good, and it starts in our own minds.

Push Through to the New


There are times when we hit resistance in the spirit. It may feel like pressure, discouragement, hopelessness, or maybe just a general feeling of “what’s the point”? These are actually lies that are bombarding you. You need to confront them for what they are. They need to be confronted with TRUTH.  I just recently went through this for the past two days. What we do in those moments will make ALL the difference in the world. We, in that moment whether we realize it or not, are being offered the opportunity to walk into our DESTINY. What we have been praying for, hoping for is on the other side of that resistance.

I actually always think of childbirth in these moments. There is a moment in childbirth where every woman thinks they just can’t do it. There is a wall of pain so intense that it seems unbearable to get through. I will never forget the Dr saying to me “you need to push through the pain in order for this baby to be born, there is no other option”.  Do you know how many times I have been reminded of his wise words through my lifetime,  many. New life was waiting on the other side of that pain. What I was dreaming of was waiting to come into existence. What I’ve also come to realize is that I make a much better childbirth coach as opposed to being someone birthing something new! It is somehow much easier for me to fully believe and see what the “new” is being created and the good that will come from this temporary pain in others, I have objectivity in the situation. I will be there yelling PUSH!!! and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

I will note at this point that even though I used the childbirth analogy this applies to men as well as women. I have actually helped men in my life to keep pushing through too. It might help guys to picture lifting weights and walking into a gym and being asked to lift a huge weight on the ground. You know you need to be able to lift it but you don’t see how you can in your current state of fitness. You need to build what you can lift little by little, gaining strength day by day.  Sometimes you might need a trainer beside you spurring you on until you are stronger.


Feeling pain is not always an indicator that something is wrong, sometimes it’s a growing pain and a call to build endurance,perseverance and meant to reveal the strength that resides within us. We need to make sure our perception of pain being BAD isn’t the very thing that makes it more difficult to get through.

Now when it’s me on the other hand it’s much harder. It’s just too easy to stay in the comfortable; the usual, and hope the resistance goes away. It will go away with time but we will miss the invitation, the invitation to walk into the NEW if we only settle for comfort. We must learn how to be our own birthing coach in those situations. Sometimes God will bring somebody to teach us TRUTH and to speak it to us in our darkest nights but ultimately He wants us to be able to acknowledge and speak TRUTH for ourselves. We must be able to tell ourselves and truly believe that “we CAN do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens us” and that “He will NEVER leave us or forsake us” and that we are “the righteousness of God in CHRIST”, and “if HE is for us who can be against us?” I promise when you do this (and I do this out loud, like a decree) that you WILL feel that pressure lift and you WILL be able to think clearly. There is so much power in just making the decision to go forward no matter what comes!!

We need to be able to confidently fight the feelings and thoughts with TRUTH!!! Truth is we are seen, heard and cherished by God!! Let’s rise up and courageously become the warriors He intended us to be and  that means starting to learn how to fight(in prayer) for ourselves(mind, emotions). Let’s push against those things that intimidate us and are meant to stop us in our tracks and turn around in defeat. Let’s be determined to jump over those hurdles next time  we see them.

Let’s be courageous enough to PUSH THROUGH TO THE NEW!




The Adventure Begins


It is finally happening. After much procrastination and pushing past fear of many things happening that I’m sure will never happen, I am finally putting my random thoughts and insights in word and video form out there to hopefully bring hope to your hearts and a smile to your faces. We are all painted with colors as beautiful as this sky. We just need to look long enough and deep enough to see them. I hope I can encourage you to do just that.